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Movie Title :Reservation Road

On a warm September evening, college professor Ethan Learner, his wife Grace, and their daughter Emma are attending a recital. Their 10yearold son Josh is playing cello mdash beautifully, as usual. His younger sister looks up to him, and his parents are proud of their son. On the way home, they all stop at a gas station on Reservation Road. There, in one terrible instant, he is taken from them forever. On a warm September evening, law associate Dwight Arno and his 11yearold son Lucas are attending a baseball game. Their favorite team, the Red Sox, is playing and, hopefully, heading for the World Series. Dwight cherishes his time spent with Lucas. Driving his son back to his exwife, Lucas' mother Ruth Wheldon, Dwight heads towards his fateful encounter at Reservation Road. The accident happens so fast that Lucas is all but unaware, while Ethan mdash the only witness mdash is all too aware, as a panicked Dwight speeds away. The police are called, and an investigation begins. Haunted by the tragedy, both fathers react in unexpected ways, as do Grace and Emma. As a reckoning looms, the two fathers are forced to make the hardest choices of their lives.

Year : 2007

Genres : Drama Thriller

Rating [imdb] : 7.30

To find the truth, you have to find who's hiding it. To find the truth you have to find who's hiding it.

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Actors : Joaquin Phoenix=Ethan Learner Elle Fanning=Emma Jennifer Connelly=Grace Learner Sean Curley=Josh Samuel Ryan Finn=Cello Player Eddie Alderson=Lucas Mark Ruffalo=Dwight Arno Susan Powell=Elegant Parent Cordell Clyde=Jimmy McBride (as Cordell Clyde Lochin) Antoni Corone=Sergeant Burke Kevin Herbst=Driving Trooper Mira Sorvino=Ruth Wheldon Gary Kohn=Norris Wheldon John Slattery=Steve Cutter Nora Ferrari=Nora Fannelli Linda Dano=Grandmother John Rothman=Minister Geisha Otero=Blanca Brett Haley=Brett Sinead Daly=American Girl

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Directors : Terry George

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