Geospatial tasks

Digital elevation models (DEMs) yield a wealth of useful information to the enterprising geomorphologist. While I certainly don't endorse solely digital studies (there are some that do), I do recognize that computers quickly produce more precise calculations than people can, and can perfectly repeat the same task over and over again without the messy contribution of human error.

Most of the tasks I've listed below have tectonic implications. Some may be used in hyrological models. But each of them requires, for the most part, a DEM.

Here are some good sites from which to procure elevation data:

Shuttle Radar Topography Mission data: (90meter x 90 meter grid resolution)

University of Washington GIS database:

Oregon Spatial Data Library:

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Please also see my in-depth tutorial, focused on getting a novice user acquainted with the GRASS GIS interface, and how to import and manipulate these data: