Welcome to the National LWCF Conversation

The 1965 Land and Water Conservation Act is one of the most significant environmental laws in the history of the United States. The legislation and it associated fund (LWCF) has had a profound effect on the conservation of natural and cultural resources and the provision of quality outdoor recreation opportunities. The social, economic, environmental, and recreational benefits of the LWCF to our citizens and future generations are beyond calculation. 

The body of evidence about the success and impact of the LWCF is expanding. The Land and Water Conservation Fund Coalition and the National Park Service’s LWCF Program have done an excellent job of documenting projects. 

2015 marks the 50th anniversary of LWCF. This is very special and it is time for celebration and reflection! Towards that end, the Society of Outdoor Recreation Professionals (formerly the National Association of Recreation Resource Planners) is hosting two activities:

1. The National LWCF Conversation
In the spirit of celebration, we would like to add to a growing body of evidence documenting the success and impact of the LWCF. We invite you to describe a LWCF project and what impact it has had---when, where, who, how? We are particularly interested in learning about the impact of an LWCF funded project---for example, how did the project impact youth, families, communities, schools, wellness, property values, economy, conservation of resources, environmental protection, resource stewardship, public values and engagement, or quality of life. 

In the spirit of reflection, we invite you to provide constructive comments on how the LWCF could be strengthened to ensure another 50 years of benefit to the Nation. Key relevant sections of the 1965 legislation are posted for review, followed by a comment section for people to offer their thoughts (listed to the left). There is also a general comment section to accommodate comments that do not relate to a specific section of the 1965 legislation. Click on the "Detailed Instructions" link to the left for more information on posting comments to this site.

SORP will host this on-line forum from February 1-June 30, 2013. You may choose whether to include your name and affiliation. We only ask that you govern your input with due consideration to clarity, brevity, and being constructive. The LWCF success stories and constructive comments will be a public resource accessible from the SORP homepage.

2. The LWCF 2015 Roundtable
SORP will also be hosting a LWCF 2015 Roundtable as part of the 2013 National Outdoor Recreation Conference (May 19-23, 2013) in Traverse City, Michigan. A cross-section of national LWCF stakeholders will share their views on how to strengthen the LWCF followed by an open dialogue. Information about the LWCF 2015 Roundtable and the 2013 National Outdoor Recreation Conference is posted on the SORP homepage.

Thank you in advance for your time and input to this important conversation. Again, to join the conversation, click the "Share a LWCF Success Story" and/or a section of the Act (listed to the left). Then add your thoughts, suggestions, and recommendations to the comment thread. Please click on the "Detailed Instructions" link to the left for more information on posting comments to this site.