Sorin Krammer

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Research Areas:

  • PRIMARY:Innovation and Technological Change, Industrial Organization, International Economics
  • SECONDARY: Applied Econometrics, Transition Economies (Economic Systems)

Dissertation Synopsis:

While substantial literature on developed countries has emerged identifying the determinants of domestic innovation, the channels of technology transmission and their impact, very little is known about its characteristics and role in less developed countries. Why are some developing or transitional countries more innovative than others? Is foreign direct investment and trade generating positive R&D spillovers on domestic productivity of these countries? What common characteristics determine the choice of technological alliances between firms from developed and developing countries? In my research, I explores these compelling questions using various data sets and econometric techniques.

Publications and manuscripts:

  •  “Drivers of national innovation in transition: Evidence from a panel of Eastern European countries” [Research Policy 38 (5): 845-860, 2009] [pdf]
  • “International R&D spillovers in transition countries: the impact of trade and foreign direct investment in Eastern Europe and Central Asia” [Journal of International Trade and Economic Development, forthcoming 2010] [pdf]
  • “International alliances and technology diffusion: Evidence from the global tire industry”  [SSRN Working Paper 1515731] [pdf]
  • “Do institutions impact technology diffusion in developing countries?” [submitted to Applied Economics]  [pdf]
  • “Embodied and disembodied international R&D spillovers in transition countries” [manuscript, Kiel Institute for World Economics, May 2008] [pdf]
  • “Technological gains from global integration via trade and FDI. The case of transition countries from Eastern Europe and Central Asia” [prepared for Changing Europe Summer School III, University of Bremen, August 2008, under revision] [pdf]

Selected presentations:

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