Sorin Krammer

Personal Webpage 

My hobbies include music (huge! for more links to my personal favorites see my blog), sports (basketball, table tennis, soccer and anything else I get to play), photography (I love to do artistic and landscape photography), traveling and hiking (there are so many beautiful things in this world on my "to do" list), aquarism (raising exotic fish), painting and drawing (here my genes demand satisfaction).

I've always been fascinated by arts and their universal language that makes it so easy to communicate issues and states of mind and soul that can hardly be described otherwise. Ever since I was a kid, I have studied drawing, painting, music but the harsh reality of life took its toll and I slowly moved away from them towards more "concrete" fields and jobs. However, I do plan to get back into (at least) drawing and painting as soon as I will have a bit of free time on my hands.