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Having your strawberry cake and dividing it too 
- Workshop Applicability of Mathematics: Representation and Explanation, Leeds, 12 Dec. 2017 (i)

On the (Non)Factivity of Scientific Understanding. The Argument from Idealizations
Society for the Metaphysics of Science Annual Conf., New York City, Fordham Univ., 6 Oct. 2017
Understanding from Models workshop, IHPS Paris Sorbonne, 3 Nov. 2017 (i)

Reductionism, Constructionism and Explanation. The Case of Superconductivity
- McGill Univ., Montreal HPS talk 8 Sept. 2017 (i)

What is Distinctive about Distinctively Mathematical Explanations? 
ECAP European Congress for Analytic Philosophy, Munich 23 August 2017
Workshop Mathematical Aims Beyond Justification Vrije Universiteit Brussel. 10-11 Dec. 2015

Explanatory Fictionalism? The case of Phase Transitions
- Interdisciplinary Workshop on Phase Transitions and Infinite Idealizations. 23 June 2017, Universite Catholique de Louvain, Louvain-la-Neuve, Belgium (i) video

Higher level explanation in physics. The case of BCS superconductivity
- Workshop Perspectives on Explanation, Charles Univ., 18-19 May 2017, Prague (i) video

Wittgenstein on the Genealogy of Mathematical Necessity
Conference Wittgenstein and Applied Epistemology, FILNOVA Lisbon, 6-7 June 2017 (i)
Seminar, Univ. of Bucharest, 1 April 2017 (i)

Naturalism, Indispensability and Causal Mathematical Nominalism
Coloquio Compostelano de Logica y Filosofia Analitica: Updating Indispensabilities. Hilary Putnam In Memoriam. Univ. of Santiago de Compostela Nov. 30,  2016 (i)

The 'Miracle' of Applicability? The Curious Case of the Simple Harmonic Oscillator 
- Workshop on Applied Mathematics Univ. Paris-Sorbonne 22-27 May 2016 (i)
- Society for the Metaphysics of Science Geneva 15-17 Sept. 2016
- Philosophy of Science Association Biennial Meeting PSA 2016Atlanta 3-5 Nov. 2016 

Anderson's Constructionism: Remarks on the BCS Model
MS7 Models and Simulations Barcelona 18-20 May 2016
Foundations of Physics LSE London 16-18 July 2016

Dolls and Drumbeats: Experiments on Infant Mathematical Cognition

Methodological Reflections on the Experiments on Infants' Arithmetical Abilities
Conference The Cognitive Basis of Logico-Mathematical Knowledge. Univ. of Bergen, 16-17 Nov. 2015 (i)

Mathematical Knowledge from a Psychological Point of View

Commentary on Paul Snowdon 'A Defence of Wittgenstein's Naturalism'
Conference Wittgenstein, Philosophy of Mind and Naturalism Organized by the Nordic Wittgenstein Society. Bergen June 2015 (i)

  • Experiments on Infant Mathematical Cognition, Object-Persistence and Cross-Modal Perception: Harmony or Conflict?
    - Symposium Mathematical Knowledge: A Cognitive Approach. SoPhA Montreal June 2015 Co-symposiasts: Dirk Schlimm (McGill) and Jean-Charles Pelland (UQAM / Univ. of London)

    When Causation is Not the Point: Individualism v. Collectivism on Explanation
    - Workshop Emergence in Materials, IHPST Paris, May 2015 (i). Organizer A. Manafu.

    Solutions in the Mathematical Sciences and Epistemic Hierarchies (co-authored with Nicolas Fillion) 
    - Philosophy of Science Association PSA Biennial Meeting, Chicago Nov. 2014
    - Western Canadian Philosophical Association Annual Meeting WCPA 2014 Vancouver Oct. 2014 (N. Fillion presenting)

    Wigner's Puzzle: Unreasonably Effective?
    Models and Inferences in Science Workshop. La Sapienza Univ. Rome Sept. 2014 (i) video

    Dolls and Drumbeats: Experiments on Infant Mathematical Cognition
    ECAP 8 Eight European Congress of Analytic Philosophy in the workshop Mathematical Cognition and its Relevance for Philosophy of Mathematics. Bucharest, Aug. 2014 (i)

    Scientific Progress, Understanding and Unification

    Explanatory Fictions and Fictional Explanation
    - Symposium Models, Metaphors and Fictions in Science at European Philosophy of Science Association Meeting EPSA 2013 Helsinki Participants: M. Suarez, T. Knuuttila, A. Loetgers, S. Bangu (organizer). Aug. 2013
    CauSci, PhilSci Forum, UMB Norwegian University of Life Sciences. Aas, Sept. 2013 (i)

    Understanding Scientific Understanding

    A Metaphysical Lesson from the Physics of the Weak Interaction, ca. 1930

    Scientific Naturalism, Causation, and the Incoherence of Mathematical Nominalism
    - Annual Philosophy of Science Conference Inter-University Center Dubrovnik April 2013 (i)
    Quinean Naturalist Ontology: Science, Causation and Mathematics
    - Dept. of Philosophy Seminar Univ of Bergen. Oct. 2012 (i)
    Functional Reduction and Emergence
    - Condensed Metaphysics Workshop German Physical Society (DPG) Berlin. March 2012 (i) Participants: P. Humphreys, S. Hartmann, A. Huttemann, M. Kuhlmann, B. Falkenburg & M. Morrison (organizers)
    - Dept. of Philosophy Seminar. LaTrobe University Melbourne Dec. 2011 (i)
    Wynn’s Experiments and Later Wittgenstein’s Philosophy of Mathematics
    Mathematical Knowledge and its Application. An International Conference in Honor of Mark Steiner Twenty-Fifth Annual Workshop on the History and Philosophy of Science, Tel Aviv University and the Van Leer Jerusalem Institute. Dec 2011 (i)
    - Wittgenstein Research Group Seminar, University of Bergen & Wittgenstein Archives WAB, Nov. 2012 (i)
    Analytic vs. Numerical: Scientific Modeling and Computational Methods
    - Lecture IHPST Paris Nov. 2011 (i)
    Theoretical Emergence
    - Workshop IPFW Philo STEM 2, Guest Speaker. Fort Wayne, Indiana. Nov 2011 (i)
    Reductionism, Naturalism, and the Thermodynamic Limit
    Boston Colloquium for Philosophy of ScienceSpeakers in the session 'Reductionism and the Thermodynamic Limit': L. Ruetsche, J. Wilson and P. Bokulich (organizer). Boston, March 2011 (i)
    The Mystery of Boiling Water. Emergence, Reduction and Infinite Idealizations
    - Dept. of Philosophy Seminar, Univ. of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign. Nov. 2010 (i)
    - Dept. of Philosophy Seminar, Bradley Univ (Illinois). Peoria IL, Oct. 2010 (i)
    Best Friends or Worst Enemies? Bridge Laws in Inter-theoretic Relations
    - IHPST Paris, June 2010 (i)
    PSA 2010 Biennial Meeting, Montreal, Nov. 2010
    Indispensability and Explanation
    Logic Seminar, Univ. of Cambridge. Cambridge UK Jan. 2010 (i)
    - Univ. of East Anglia, Norwich, March 2010 (i)
    Is Mathematics Conservative? Symposium What’s Math Got To Do With It? Philosophical Issues Arising from the Applicability of Mathematics to Natural Science
    European Philosophy of Science Association EPSA 2009 Amsterdam. Participants: Robert Batterman, Mark Colyvan, Michael Liston, Sorin Bangu (organizer). Oct 2009
    Dirac's Puzzle(s) 
    EPSA 2009Vrije Univ., Amsterdam, Oct. 2009
    Mathematical and Causal Reasoning in Dirac's Prediction of the Positron
    Understanding Singularities in Thermodynamics
    Jaynes and Uffink on MAXENT
    Philosophy of Physics Seminar, Cambridge Univ. Convenor J. Butterfield Cambridge UK Feb. 2009 (i)
    What Pirahas Can't Do
    Workshop Explanation, Indispensability of Mathematics, and Scientific Realism. Philosophy Dept., Univ. of Leeds. Jan. 2009 (i)
    Comments on D. Rizza's (Sheffield) 'Magicicada and Mathematical Realism
    - 2nd Annual Cambridge Conference on Logic and Philosophy of Mathematics. Jan. 2009 (i)
    Probabilistic indispensability 
    - Univ. of Washington-Seattle, Jan. 2009 (i)
    On Dirac's prediction of the positron
    - HQ (History of Quantum Mechanics Conference, Utrecht, 14-17 July 2008; paper accepted, unable to attend)
    Comments on D. Boutillier (Calgary) ‘A reconstruction of Frege's account of arithmetic knowledge 
    - Canadian Philosophical Association. Vancouver, June 2008
    On Bertrand's paradox
    - Canadian Philosophical Association. Vancouver, June 2008.
    On Numbers and Insects. Applying Mathematics to Evolutionary Biology
    - Univ of Cambridge, HPS. April 2008 (i)
    Comments on Russell Marcus (CUNY) ‘Intrinsic Explanation and Field's Dispensabilist Strategy
    - American Philosophical Association Eastern, Baltimore Dec. 2007
    Probability Assignments and the Principle of Indifference. An Examination of the Eliminative Strategies
    - Univ. of Western Ontario, Philosophy Dept. SEER Lab (Convenors R. Batterman and C. Weijer), Nov. 2007 (i)
    - Univ. of Pittsburgh, October 2007 (i)
    Probability Assignments and the Principle of Indifference. An Examination of the Eliminative Strategies
    - British Society for the Philosophy of Science Univ. of Bristol, July 2007
    On Numbers and Insects. Applying Mathematics to Evolutionary Biology
    - Society for Exact Philosophy SEP. 18 May 2007, University of British Columbia, Vancouver.
    An Old Problem in a New Setting: Wigner’s Puzzle and Maddy’s Naturalism
    American Philosophical Association Eastern, Washington, 2006; Graduate Travel Stipend Prize
    - Carleton Univ. (Ottawa), Philosophy colloquium, Jan. 2007 (i)
    - Canadian Society for the History and Philosophy of Science, York Univ.,  May 2006, winner of Richard Hadden Award
    Physical Symmetries and Probability Assignments
    - Philosophy of Physics Workshop, Complutense Univ. Madrid. October 2006 (i)
    - Philosophy Colloquium, Univ. of Toronto, November 2006 (i)
    Underdetermination and the Argument from Indirect Confirmation
    - American Philosophical Association Central, Chicago, April 2006
    Surplus Mathematical Structure and Pythagorean Prediction in Particle Physics
    - British Society for the Philosophy of Science, Manchester, July 2005.

    Steiner on the Applicability of Mathematics and Naturalism
    - Canadian Philosophical Association. London, Ontario, May 2005
    Realism and the Common Cause Principle
    - Society for Exact Philosophy SEP, Univ. of Maryland, May 2004
    - Canadian Philosophical Association, Winnipeg, June 2004
    Comments on ‘Mechanistic Explanation’ by Cory Wright (UCSD) 
    - American Philosophical Association Central, Chicago, 2004 (i)