Lords of Leather Block Party

Southern Decadence 2008

The Lords host their annual Beerbust,  Friday Night Aug 29, 2008

We Will NOT Be Denied!      (Above) What Hurricane? Rampart St. at the Phoenix packs out for the annual Lord of Leather Block Party. (Below) Lords of Leather President Gary Vandeventer and Tim Lott, Mr. Louisiana Leather 2004, rise from the asphalt to welcome their guests.

Skulls Show Up to Support The Lords!

(Besides- Our rooms were already paid for...)

(Above, left) Renegade Scott wore his sweater, just in case it gets chilly. (Above, right) Renegade Rick wore his farmer overalls, just in case someone wants to plow his field.

(Above) Yes, the usual suspects were on hand... Renegades JK and Ed (left), and Tad (right) arrive after hearing the town might be blown. Off the map.

(Above) "No. I said I want THAT one!", says the mouth that belonged to the greedy, outstretched hand, as members of the Lords of Leather push themselves to the brink of exhaustion to provide refreshing beverages to the crowd. Makes you tear up, doesn't it? 

(Above, left) Remember, your shoes should always match your bag. In this case, I'm betting that would be something brown and made of paper. (Above, right) But you'll never make a fashion flub if you wear one of our smart new club tees. Note we've started spelling out company. Apparently we were becoming known as the county of men. Sigh.

Real Men! Men Who Laugh in the Face of Danger!

(Below, left) Lord Danny knows a good pose means an even better pour.... while Lord Tim (right) reminds us his enormous tongue can be used as a floatation device. 

(Editor's Note) We would love to have included more Southern Renegades in this photo page, but some chose to use caution and stayed home. Others arrived the following day. For those who came, Decadence was a little shorter, without the Sunday parade, but still frisky and fun. Thanks, Skulls, for supporting the Lords of Leather at their annual Block Party!

Hurricane? What Hurricane?

   Oh, sure. We say that now, but we knew Gustav was coming. Still, the Friday night of Southern Decadence weekend was a fun yet urgent affair. It was becoming evident that Hurricane Gustav was bearing down on the Crecent City, perhaps coming ashore as a Catagory 3 storm. All partying had to be rushed to completion! And so it was, with wild abandon! The guys were forced out of their hotel rooms and on their way home by Sunday afternoon. Gusav hit Monday a bit more to the west, and the city was spared heavy damage.

   But the annual Lords of Leather Block Party? Well, it happened in the nick of time! You shoulda been there! In fact, if you look close, you may discover that your were!

Meet New Meat! 

(Above) Greg is a farmer from Wisconsin, and a Skull as well. Greg keeps up with us via our website, and then in person when he's visiting relatives in New Orleans. Any excuse to come south.

(Below) Emotional supporters of the Southern Renegades, Perry and Jim from Birmingham, take a deep breath as if to enhale the essence of the evening. Or was it that someone just farted? You know who you are.

(Above) Even more supporters from Mobile arrive to warn us all that we must evacuate! Right after this next cocktail...

(Below) Renegade Rafael, moments before the party, waiting for a twister.