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This ever-in-progress site is an updated home page from ... 1999, last century and last millennium! It is the home of a taste of art and life near the ocean / in the redwoods (Felton/Santa Cruz, California), plus a digital people-place and virtual cat nook. Come back to visit soon    

a collection of images by the artist: http://web.clas.ufl.edu/users/perrone/prpfoyer.htm
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fabulous Brazilian writer: http://reginarhedawriter.blogspot.com
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 a rare blog by the fratello: http://charlesaperrone.blogspot.com

Here is a poem in homage to Sam, "My Departed Cat" (2010):

                                    You walked with a certain jaunt
                                    & leapt for a firefly
                                    in a phantom net.
                                    When you slept in a secret womb
                                    soft presence filled the air.
                                    Your halcyon dreams
                                    were landscapes on my canvas_
                                    cloaked so clear-eyed
                                    before you left a heartbeat
                                    beneath warm folds
                                    where you found me.
                                    The elusive print remains.

                            Image of SAM (top image) and one of his playmates JASMIN (lower image):

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The artist thinking about a painting in a process: