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"Interview is a word derived from a French word entrevoir that means sight between and hence the word interview means a formal conversation between an interviewer and an interviewee"

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Why is interview held?

This question is best answered from the fact that interview is taken to know an answer from the person who knows it or to know a person's attitude and opinions about a particular thing or situation.

For the people who are job oriented the interview can be seen as a process to grab a job. In this interview questions are asked to candidate to know their technical knowledge as well as their deportment that means how they carry themselves in day to day life. In addition to it the candidate's attitude is also marked. Then it is matched to the profile for the particular job and the closest candidates crack the nut.

One important thing for an interviewee is to know himself/herself. i.e. he/she should know how to introduce him/her professionally. Generally a professional introduction requires the candidate's name, where he/she belongs to, qualification, career aim, strength, hobby and family background. But what really matters is confidence.

Have a cool attitude (make others feel comfortable/rather than offending)

1.Just introduce yourself telling about yourself, your family and your likes.

2.Turn weaknesses into strengths.

3.Think before you answer. A pause to collect your thoughts is a hallmark of a thoughtful person.

4.Whatever you say doesn’t give others a chance to question. It can be simple (You need not have to worry if u don’t have high profile) what matters is whether you’re happy with what you have and respect your things. The way you project yourself is more important amongst all.

5.The language is more important. It should be very clear in understanding. Before going to the interview just speak out what you want to say in front of some body. So that when you say the same in front of the interviewers you can be confident and need not have to gather your views in mind for this section. Don’t stammer or take long pause for putting your views.

6.Confidence is the main amongst all. It will turn a failure into success. NEVER SAY DIE ATTITUDE. SUCCESS WILL COME automatically.

There are few things one needs to consider while going for an interview. These things may sound simple but requires a lot of efforts to put it across to the interviewer.

For a successful interview one needs the following five things in him/her to come out in flying colors:

1.Eye Contact – Look directly at your interviewer. Don’t cast your eyes down.

2.Sit up Straight – Don’t slouch in your chair – it makes you look lazy and uninterested. Good posture makes you look like a confident person.

3.Don’t Fidget – Keep your hands in your lap when you’re not making a point in the conversation. Fidgeting looks unprofessional.

4.Speak Up – Don’t mumble your words. Speak directly at your interviewer with a clear, strong voice.

5.Smile and Show Some Personality – It’s ok to be a little nervous, but remember to stay loose and be yourself. Personality counts for a lot.

How to prepare for an interview?

Grooming plays an important part in this. Grooming include your appearance and your personal hygiene.

Your appearance includes:

1. Hair, that should be well shampooed and maintained and well combed and at no point of time they should be messy.

2. Face, that should be closely shaven for gentlemen and a light make up can be applied in case of ladies. Sikh candidates can either trim their facial hair or can fix them using hair fixer. Ladies may wear small earrings and a light necklace.

3. Gentlemen should wear a formal dress preferably a dark coloured full sleeved shirt and a matching dark coloured trouser along with a matching necktie. Proper polished shoes, belt, socks etc. are also the part of a formal dress. Ladies may wear a plain saree but if not comfortable they can wear a plain or descent suit.

4. Hands, that should be clean especially the nails must be well cut and clean for gentlemen and well painted using a nail paint for ladies.

5. Interview kit should be there. All the certificates should be in reverse chronological order that means oldest first and latest last.

Some more strategies for interviews are:

  • Arrive on time.
  • Introduce yourself in a courteous manner.
  • Read company materials while you wait.
  • Have a firm handshake.
  • Listen.
  • Use body language to show interest.
  • Smile, nod, give nonverbal feedback to the interviewer.
  • Ask about the next step in the process.
  • Thank the interviewer.

The facts that a candidate must gather before appearing for an interview:

ØKey people in the organization

ØMajor products or services

ØSize in terms of sales and employees

ØLocations other than your community

ØOrganizational structure of the company

ØMajor competitors

ØView of the company by clients, suppliers, and competition

ØLatest news reports on the company or on local or national news that affects the company.

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