The Tyrant's Nephew
Book three of the Chronicles of El Jisal

Omar didn't ask to be the nephew of the ruthless dictator of Mesomia--and he certainly doesn't want to inherit a country whose people are in fear of their lives. He hasn't a choice, though--until the day he is saved from a deadly ambush by Latifa, a beggar girl. Instead of rewarding Latifa, his uncle orders her to be placed under a Spell of Darkness, leaving her soul in torment.

Omar can't stand by and watch his rescuer die, and neither can Ketta, Latifa's white cat jinn. Together, the two embark on an extraordinary adventure to find the spell's antidote.

Balancing on a knife-edge--at the mercy of the tyrant's terrifying mood swings and cruel punishments, the evil Secretary's machinations, and the rebels' own plans for the fate of the country--Omar will learnj the true meaning of courage before the journey is over.


What readers and reviewers have said:

'Sophie Masson has added another taut instalment to the Chronicles of El Jisal.' (David Johnson, Good Reading Magazine)

'in the Chronicles of El Jisal series, she is working in the genre of alternative history, which gives her a lot more room to manoeuvre, allowing free rein to her expansive and quirky imagination...The Tyrant's Nephew rewards the reader who has an interest in the past..Masson's simple story is, in a sense, one of the oldest stories of all, that of the love, courage, and hopes of small people overcoming evil. It is the passion and sincerity with which she tells it that makes it so engaging.' (Ronni Phillips, Canberra Times)

'This is adventure with a healthy dash of fantasy..A well-written tale for young readers.'(Reading Time)




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