The Curse of Zohreh
Book two of the Chronicles of El Jisal

In the desert kingdom of Ameerat, the Al-Farouk family lives in luxury in a beautiful palace. But their great wealth comes at a terrible price: the curse of Zohreh, laid on the family a hundred years earlier by a merchant who was cheated of her riches. Khaled al-Farouk, the family's eldest son, is desperate to make amends for the wrong that was done--but Zohreh's descendants are nowhere to be found.

Or so they think. For far away in Parsari, one of the younger members of Zohreh's clan has vowed to avenge her ancestor. Soheila leaves her home early one morning, disguised as a boy, and makes the long journey across land and sea to Ameerat. There, she infiltrates the al-Farouk household and awaits her moment of retribution..

And so begins an exciting, amazing, moving, scary and humorous adventure that will take Khaled and Soheila right into the heart of the Arabian Nights, into the strange world of the jinns as well as human intrigues; to great danger, suspense, and a stunning climax.


What readers and reviewers have said:

'The Curse of Zohreh is a beautiful story about recognising a terrible grievance, and making amends. In an exciting, suspenseful novel with adventure and intrigue, Soheila's struggle is moving as she battles her family connection.' (Bronwyn McDonald, Viewpoint Magazine)'

''Sophie Masson's fantasy novels for young readers have an intelligence and a depth of cultural understanding they manage to wear lightly. this story, a sequel to Snow, Fire, Sword, is redolent of the Arabian Nights..'(Sydney Morning Herald)

'Political intrigue, magic and adventure await those who embark upon this lively fantasy for younger readers.'(The Age)


'This is a great story with a great twist at the end. I just couldn't put it down!' (Samantha, 11)

'This is a great fantasy book, will a full cast of magical characters.' (Kim, 16)




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