Shakespearean series, vol 3
novels inspired by the Bard, number 3: Malvolio's Revenge

Malvolio's Revenge, published by Hodder Children's Books, UK and Australia, 2005. 


1910. It is a drenched, miserable New Year's Eve in deepest Louisiana. Everything's been going wrong for 17 year old Toby Trentham and his Uncle Theo's down-at-heel troupe of travelling actors. Then chance brings them to the ruined mansion of Illyria--home of young, spirited Creole noblewoman, Isabelle de Castelon, and her nurse, the enigmatic black woman, Marie Laroche. Isabelle suggests a way out of all their troubles--and a guaranteed run of Malvolio's Revenge, Theo Trentham's once-popular play, based on Shakespeare's Twelfth Night. It seems that the troupe's luck has turned..

But nothing is as it seems. For this is a world of magic, murder and mystery. And as the days gather pace towards the Mardi Gras festivities in New Orleans, Toby begins to fear that something terrible will engulf them all.

'The colourful and corrupt city of New Orleans plays a big part in Masson's tale, which will be enjoyed by anyone who likes romantic mystery stories set in exotic locations.' (Bookwrap, Young Post, UK) 



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