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Diamond Inguz LiGHT Healing®

DILH help rebalance spiritual, physical, mental and emotional issues and disorders.
A new vibrational healing modality that will help you to realign with your true purpose here on earth, clearing blocked emotions, putting you back on your path.
Diamond Inguz Healing has been channelled via Kuan Yin and Hilarion to bring an even higher vibrational healing to the planet for the Aquarian age. 
What does the name mean? Inguz is a Rune and we have used the qualities of the stone to assist the modality. Inguz signals the integration of the four selves: physical, emotional, mental and spiritual. It is the drive toward completion and totality and acts as the catalyst for movement toward wholeness. The outer child, hidden within the wisdom of Inguz is the activation of one’s inner-child.

Taught by Joy Wisdom