Sophie Hatte



Welcome to my webpage. 
I am an Assistant Professor at ENS de Lyon
My research interests are in political economy, development, and public economics.
You can download my cv here !


"The Geography of NGO Activism against Multinational Corporations", with P. Koenig  [Paper]     
World Bank Economic Review - Forthcoming 
Link to the Lettre PSE,  an article on TheConversation and a summary here
NGO campaign data : NGO Campaign Data

"Are environmentally responsible firms less vulnerable when investing abroad? The role of reputation", with R. Bazillier and J. Vauday [Paper]
Journal of Comparative Economics, 2017, vol. 45, p. 520-543

"Mass media effects on non-governmental organizations", with M. Couttenier  [Paper] 
Journal of Development Economics, 2016, vol. 123, p. 57-72 

Working Papers and Work in Progress

"The Logic of Fear : Populism and the Media Coverage of Immigrants Crimes", with M. Couttenier, M. Thoenig and S. Vlachos 

"Activism under the Influence : Corporate Donation, NGO Campaign and Lobbying"
an early draft is available upon request

"Communication Strategies of Non-Governmental Organizations : Theory and Evidence", with M. Couttenier, P. Fleckinger and M. Glachant
an early draft is available upon request

"Twitter Revolution", with E. Madinier and E. Zhuravskaya 

Publication in French

"La RSE influence-t-elle le choix de localisation des firmes multinationales ? Le cas de l’environnement‪", with R. Bazillier and J. Vauday  
Revue d'Economie Industrielle, 2014, vol. 148, no. 4, p. 383-409