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  • Call our Senators, please, for Sentencing Reform The ROC Wisconsin workgroup for issues related to keeping people out of prison asks that WISDOM members and friends of ROC Wisconsin please take a couple of minutes before the Thanksgiving holiday to call our two U.S. Senators to strongly urge them to support the  “Sentencing Reform and Corrections Act of 2015”  (U.S. Senate Bill 2123). The phone numbers for Wisconsin's Senators are:   Senator Ron Johnson -- (202) 224-5323   Senator Tammy Baldwin -- (202) 224-5653 It will just take a minute.  You just need to identify yourself, and say where you live, and ask the person answering the phone to tell the Senator that you want them to vote for the Sentencing Reform and Corrections Act of ...
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  • WISDOM Builds Bus Riders Campaign On Saturday, November 14th more than twenty WISDOM Transit leaders, half of them bus riders, gathered to begin planning a powerful transit restoration campaign in Wisconsin. Participants came from MICAH, SOPHIA, ESTHER, JOSHUA, and NAOMI. Leaders from RIC and CUSH had every intention of being there, but one of the leaders got sick and couldn't drive the group.  A new person from Sun Prairie also joined with an interest in bringing riders to the table from that area of the state. Together the group made a strong commitment to engage bus riders in each of the communities represented.  Leaders who do not normally use public transportation committed to get on buses to listen and to invite transit riders to ...
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  • Updates: we're making a difference! A few quick updates for you.  We continue to have a LOT of very good activity happening all around WISDOM.  Here are just a few of them: 1.  If you can, please listen to Wisconsin Public Radio on Monday, November 16 at 3:30 pm.  Rev. Willie Brisco will be on the "Central Time" show to talk about ROC Wisconsin.  Here is the WPR website, in case you need to find them on your radio dial:   2.  JOSHUA and RUTH had their banquet on Thursday, November 12.  It was terrific, with more than 150 people and a stirring, challenging keynote address by Rev. Everett Mitchell from Madison.  The banquet was a chance to celebrate an amazing ...
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  • Race and Power
    Race and Power Summit in Detroit:

    This was a great experience.  The workshops were very informative and was able to bring home lots of new substance for our leaders.  Structural Racism was a topic that was highly discussed.  We tend to think of racism as direct and in your face but the truth is now a days it is not so much so.  We all have to look at ourselves and consciously need to try to eliminate some of that bias that has been engraved in us via all the communication methods. 

    Public Narratives:  Certain kinds of stories that have the power to shape peoples conscious perceptions, understandings, analysis and sense of what needs to be done and what is possible. 

    As individuals and organizations we need to

    - unmask the dominant narratives
    -Contrast the narratives, offer a choice
    -uncover and elevate new narratives

    Transforming Narratives is not about winning an argument. It is engaging people to illuminate values and assumptions that are already in them.

    Abraham Lincoln said:  "Public Sentiment is everything. With Public sentiment, nothing can fail; without it nothing can succeed.  Consequently he who molds public sentiment, goes deeper thant he who enacts statutes or pronounces decisions.  He makes statutes and decisions possible or impossible to be executed.
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   Meet Bernie Gonzalaz
SOPHIA's Community Organizer ...

Bernardo Gonzalaz

Support Driver Cards for Immigrants in Wisconsin

August 19, 2015

Press Conference about legislation to allow Driver Cards for undocumented residents

La Casa de Esperanza, Waukesha


100 people gathered at La Casa de Esperanza to learn about the need for Driver Cards in Wisconsin.  Representative JoCasta Zamarippa presented highlights of the legislation she has introduced, and walked us through the process.   She explained why Driver Cards are needed and how implementation in other states has improved the health and safety of communities, as well as been a financial improvement to the state economy. 


Reverend Joe Medina offered insights from a faith perspective.  Several people affected gave testimonials of their recent driving experiences, how Driver Cards would positively affect their families.  All information was translated as needed, so all could understand. 


SOPHIA President Betty Groenewold called us to action to call our legislators, to encourage our employers to call, to commit to having relatives call legislators and to VOTE in every election!


19 de agosto de 2015

Conferencia De prensa sobre la propuesta para permitir tarjetas de manejo para indocumentados. 

Esto se dio acabo en la Casa De Esperanza en Waukesha.


100 Personas se reunieron en la Casa De Esperanza para aprender sobre la propuesta de tarjetas de manejo en Wisconsin.  La Representante Jo Casta Zamarripa presento los puntos importantes de la legislacion que presento y nos informo sobre el proceso.  Zamarripa explico porque las tarjetas de manejo son necesitadas y como su implementacion en otros estados ha mejorado el bienestar y la seguridad de esas comunidades y tambien ha ayudado con la economia estatal.


El Pastor Joe Medina ofrecio sus puntos de vista y perspectiva.  Algunas personas dieron sus testimonios sobre sus experiencias recientes y como las tarjetas de manejo positivamente afectarian sus familias.


Presidente de SOPHIA Betty Groenewold nos invito para tomar accion y llamar a nuestros legisladores, nuestros empleadores y  que hablemos con nuestros familiares para llamar a politicos y pedirles que apoyes esta propuesta.   Recuerden de VOTAR en todas las elecciones!

Driver Card Info (Eng)

Driver Card Info (Esp)


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