Affordable Housing

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The Need for More Affordable Housing

Many people in Waukesha County communities, such as our neighbors who are elderly or have disabilities, need more housing that they can afford.  Workers and their families need more affordable housing, too. 

Over one in four households in Waukesha County pays more than they can really afford on housing (as defined by the US Department of Housing and Urban Development).  This need for more affordable housing affects us all, directly or indirectly. 

Developing more affordable housing encourages our schools to maintain their high quality by holding on to qualified teachers.  It also supports the health of our local businesses by retaining and gaining workers that can live near their jobs.

Watch the video to see how the lack of affordable housing in the county affects real people and the communities in which they live.  And learn what we can do about it.

Affordable Homes in Waukesha County

The Truth About Affordable Housing   

Some common misconceptions exist about affordable housing.  For example, one MYTH is that it increases the amount of crime in an area.  The TRUTH is that research has found introducing affordable housing into a neighborhood does NOT result in an increase in crime.  In fact, new affordable housing can actually DECREASE the neighborhood crime rate when it replaces older, broken-down housing.

A related MYTH is that affordable housing decreases area property values.  The TRUTH is that well over 100 studies have concluded that affordable housing does NOT reduce area property values.  Affordable housing can actually INCREASE surrounding property values, especially in higher income areas.

Another MYTH is that affordable housing does not look nice.  The TRUTH is that affordable housing developments have had AWARD-WINNING designs, recognized by the prestigious American Institute of Architects. The slide show on the right demonstrates how ATTRACTIVE affordable housing looks in Waukesha County.

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