SOPHIA is dedicated to dialogue with individuals, agencies and public officials to stimulate creative and effective efforts to improve our communities in Waukesha County. SOPHIA addresses social injustices in our increasingly fragmented world. We join hands with others to bring effective change rather than isolated self interest.
  • SOPHIA is an interfaith organization of people actively living our faith and values.
  • SOPHIA works to build community by intentionally developing relationships within in our faith communities and with leaders in our county.
  • SOPHIA members honor the rich diversity and dignity of all individuals and act on our common beliefs and values.

SOPHIA CORE TEAMS are encouraged to be developed in each congregation or faith community.  Core Teams generally meet monthly to support each other, share information, and to respond to the concerns and passions of their congregation.  Core Team members are intentional about meeting one-on-one with people in their congregation to understand and truly know their fellow church or faith community members, to foster mutual understanding and clarity of purpose.

SOPHIA consists of three organizational subgroups:

RELIGIOUS LEADERS CAUCUS: This group is made up primarily of religious leaders, although anyone is invited. The Caucus meets each month, usually on the second Wednesday of the month over lunch at Galilee Lutheran church in Pewaukee.  The meeting begins with prayer which is followed by discussions of current SOPHIA and congregational issues.  It is a time of fellowship, renewal and focus. 

EXECUTIVE LEADERSHIP BOARD:  Each SOPHIA congregation or faith community must have at least one person that sits on this governing board.  The board meets monthly on the fourth Thursday at the SOPHIA office at 100 East Broadway, Waukesha (in First Congregational Church, United Church of Christ) from 7 to 8:30 pm.  This governing board discusses organizational matters, including finances, leadership training, mission and recruitment.

ISSUES ASSEMBLY AND TASK FORCES:  Issues work is the 'Faith in Action' piece of SOPHIA. 

The Issues Assembly meets 4 times a year, on the second Wednesday  (February, May, August, and November) at 7 pm at Ascension Lutheran Church, Waukesha.  (1415 Dopp Street).  During this time, specific issues work occurring in the Issues Task Forces is shared, special outside speakers may be invited to talk about current SOPHIA issues.  SOPHIA has had numerous public officials talk and listen to us on various issues.  Discussions have been insightful, informative and have helped SOPHIA to bring about change. Any SOPHIA member can bring an issue from the congregation for discussion.  

Active Issues Task Forces generally meet monthly.  All SOPHIA members are encouraged to participate in at least one Issues Task Force.  Each task force is working on specific goal-oriented tasks within the area of focus.

Current Issues Task Forces and Chairs:

  • Treatment Alternatives and Diversions (formerly Treatment Instead of Prison or TIP) – Joel Gaughan
  • Immigration Reform - Maria Martinez
  • Transit - Sister Barbara Pfarr
  • Voter Engagement - Bernie Gonzalaz

SOPHIA is a Member of WISDOM at the state level.

WISDOM is an Affiliate of the Gamaliel Foundation at the International Level.

SOPHIA is a 501 (c) (3) organization.  Staffing costs and related expenses are funded by dues, grants, sustaining member contributions and fundraising events.  Charitable contributions to SOPHIA are tax deductible.

The SOPHIA office is located at: 100 E Broadway, Waukesha, WI  53186

WISDOM - Gamaliel in Wisconsin

2821 N. 4th Street
Suite 537
Milwaukee, WI 53212

E-mail:  wisdomforjustice@gmail.com
Phone:  414-831-2070