When You Arrive

Grenada has one airport, in Point Salines, located about 5 minutes from the school's main campus in True Blue. 

What to Carry With You

As traveling to Grenada can many times be a long trip involving more than one connection, we recommend that you keep a folder or envelope of important documents in your carry-on bag that you may need access to during your travels.  This will help to make your trip MUCH less stressful.  You would include items in your folder like:

  • Passports of everyone who is traveling with you
  • Luggage claim tickets
  • Flight numbers, itineraries, frequent flyer miles account numbers, and customer service contact information
  • Official letters and documents from SGU
  • Phone numbers for important contacts at home and in Grenada
  • The address where you will go when you get here (Grenada Immigration will ask)
  • Health certificates and import documents for pets
  • Receipts/vouchers from airline in case of lost luggage, or canceled/overbooked flights
  • About $500 cash for unexpected travel costs


For unseasoned travelers, the Point Salines airport can be intimidating at first, but if you are patient, you should get through without a problem. When you get off the plane, you will proceed to Immigration in the line labeled "Visitors", where--depending upon what time of year you arrive--there may or may not be a long line.  NOTE: if you fly in 3-4 days before classes are to begin, many of your fellow students will also be arriving, so you should expect longer lines and wait time.  If you are able, it is recommended that you arrive 5-8 days prior to the beginning of the semester, because you will be able to get here and settle in to your new home in a much more relaxed fashion. 

While you wait to see the Immigration Officer, be sure to fill out the arrival card given to you on the plane, as the Officer will request it.  When your turn comes at the Immigration desk, families can see the Immigration Officer together. Be sure to show the student's official welcome letter from SGU, as well as everyone's passports.  When you are asked where you are staying, give them the information that you have for on-campus housing or the neighborhood where you'll be living off-campus (i.e. True Blue, Grand Anse, L'anse Aux Epines, etc.)  

Baggage Claim

Next, you will pick up your baggage and proceed to customs.


Getting through Customs for the first time can be confusing, but here are a few guidelines to make the process easier.

  • There is a red line, which is for when someone has an item "to declare", and a green line, which is for when someone has nothing "to declare". Declaring an item means that you will tell the Customs Officer that you have brought "dutiable" (taxable) goods into the country (i.e. electronics, things that you intend to sell, etc.) or items that may need to be quarantined (produce, plants, etc.)
  • Customs Officers do random luggage searches for declarable items, especially at the beginning of the semester when many students bring things in from other countries.  If you go through the green line, and they find you have items that you should have declared, you will have to go to the end of the red line to be reassessed and pay the duty.  So, use your best judgment in this case.
  • If you are bringing a computer or other electronics (Ipod, PSP, DVD player,etc.) you will be expected to declare them at Customs, and you will be required to pay a duty on 5% of the value. You will be asked the value of each of your items at the Customs desk, so It helps to have a receipt for the computer and other items. After you pay your duty you will get a receipt, it is important to keep it to show the next time you bring the computer through customs, so that you don't have to pay again.  You will keep this receipt for your entire 2-3 years in Grenada.
  • There is a set duty on each item brought into Grenada, but Customs officials have some latitude in determining whether to charge the full amount.  Many times, patience, a warm hello, and a smile can go a long way to getting your duty charges reduced.

When you finish with Customs, there will be plenty of taxis waiting outside the airport to take you to your new home. The average fare to get to the SGU campus (at the time of this writing) is around $12US/$30EC during the day, and about $15US/$40EC at night.  If you are not taking a cab and need to call someone to come and get you, you can find public telephones available to the left on the outside wall once you exit the Customs. If you get here close to the beginning of the semester, there is usually a greeting committee of Resident Assistants waiting outside of Customs to assist you.  To assure that you are greeted, please contact the SGU Housing Office with your name and flight arrival date and time.  (You can reach the SGU Housing Office in Grenada at 1.473.444.5030 or 1.473.444.3991 Mon - Fri 9am - 4pm. If in the US or Canada call 1.800.899.6337.  If in the UK call 0800 1699063).

It is a good idea to arrive in Grenada with enough cash to begin to set up house, just in case.  Traveler's checks and credit cards are accepted in many, but not all, places.  $1000US should be more than enough to last you through the first week of classes.