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Founded in 1964, the Queen Elizabeth Home for Children in Tempe, is the oldest children’s home in Grenada. They help children of all ages who are orphaned or in need of care by providing food, shelter, transportation to and from school as well as providing extra-curricular activities. Some kids live there temporarily until a family can be found for adoption but many remain until they are old enough to be self-sufficient among the community. The home is supported mainly by donations and volunteer contribution.

The SO’s of SGU are regular visitors to this home; every other Monday from 3 to 5 pm we visit with the children. First and foremost, we assist them with completing any homework they may have been assigned, and spend time reading with them in their library room. We also spend a good portion of our visit out in the yard with them. Whether it be hanging out under the pavilion, pushing them on the swing set, playing tag, basketball, or just running around being silly, the kids enjoy our time together and always look forward to seeing us again. This is also a great opportunity for parent SO’s to bring their own children out to play and make new island friends!

Also, every other Saturday from 10am-12noon at Grand Anse Beach, SO's visit and play with kids from QE during OSO (Orphanage Student Organization) Beach Day. You  can take the True Blue/Grand Anse bus from SGU main campus to get there. Bring your own children to play, as well! 

*We simply request that SO's wear modest swimsuits when around the children, so please keep that in mind. This also applies to when we visit the home itself; no short-shorts and no sleeveless shirts, please. 

If you are interested in joining us every other Monday, or for Beach Saturday's, please contact one of our Volunteer Coordinators.

*Please note. If you take pictures of the children you are not to post public photos of their faces or label their names. It is a matter of privacy for the children and in their best interest.