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Located next door to the Queen Elizabeth Home in Tempe, the Dorothy Hopkin Centre is home to 36 residents ranging in age from 5 to 50 who are mentally and/or physically challenged. Founded by Ms. Dorothy Hopkin 45 years ago, this home operates thanks to Government assistance and donations from locally and abroad.

Every other Wednesday morning from 10 am to 12:30pm, the SO’s visit with the residents of the Dorothy Hopkin Centre. We usually gather in their recreation room where we love to color, sing songs, dance, and play games like “hot potato” and “duck-duck-goose.” We also do special holiday activities with the residents like decorating sugar cookies for Valentine’s Day and having a Christmas party as a last “hoorah” for the term! Hanging out with the residents of DH is a can’t miss opportunity! To see their faces’ light up when we arrive is such a wonderful reminder that we can truly make our world a happier place by simply donating our time. 

Follow our Facebook page for reminders and details on when to meet for free transportation, or contact one of our Volunteer Coordinators with any further questions.