Visa Renewal

Here are some instructions on how to obtain your visa renewal. You may also want to consider bringing someone who has renewed their visa before.  If nothing else, bring a book--there may be some waiting!  You should plan on the whole procedure taking 1-2 hours, although if you are lucky it may take less time. If you have questions the phone number for the Immigration and Passports Office is 473-440-2456

The Immigration Office is open from 8am-4pm, the Treasury closes from 12-1pm for lunch.  It's better to get to Immigration a few hours before or after lunch, so that you don't have to wait for the Treasury to re-open so that you can complete your transaction.

1.Things you must have:

  • Your passport
  • School identification (SO card)
  • Appropriate attire. To enter a Grenada government building, your shoulders and knees must be covered! 
  • A Letter of Current Enrollment from SGU indicating that your partner is in good academic standing.  
    •  The Letter of Current Enrollment for your visa extension should be obtained by your student at the Office of Enrollment and Planning on the first floor of the Bourne Center (directly in front of the upper bus stop).  The letter may take 2 or 3 days to receive after the initial request is made. 
    • Make sure that SGU includes your name, your student's name, and all of your children's names.
  • $25 EC (cash) per person for each month your stay in Grenada is extended. 
2. Things you might need:
  • Your student’s passport.  
  • Your marriage certificate (if you are married, they might ask for it)
  • Your children's passports
3. How to get there:

Take the #1 Reggae bus (St.George/Calliste/Grand Anse), which makes many stops in Grand Anse. Tell the driver you want to go to the Ministerial Complex. Ask if you can be dropped off inside of the complex, in front of the Immigration Office building. If that isn't possible, ask them to drop you close to the entrance.

Walk through the gates and up the driveway (you will see many buildings in this complex). Once you reach the top of the hill, the Immigration Office will be in a small building on your right.

4.Once you are inside:

You will obtain an application at the window to fill out while you are waiting.  You will be told to knock on the Immigration Officer's door (you will probably need to sit and wait until the officer opens the door and calls you in.) 

Once you are called into the office, you will take a seat at the desk, and the officer may ask you a few questions and ask to see your documents. The officer will then hold your application and passport. He or she will give you a receipt with the amount that you will go and pay at the Ministry of the Treasury.

5. Where to go and pay:

The Ministry of the Treasury is in the same building on the next floor down. Walk out of Immigration, make a right, and walk down the steps to the glass doors on your right. Go up to the window, present your paper and pay.

Once you have paid, the clerk will stamp your receipt. Bring the receipt back up to the Immigration Officer and he/she will stamp and return your passport and then you are ready to go!


  • Go to the Immigration Office inside of the Ministerial Complex with all your needed documents, attire, and money. 
  • Fill out an application and talk with an immigration officer.
  • Take the receipt that the immigration officer gives you and go to the Ministry of the Treasurer.  
  • Pay your fee.
  • Return to the Immigration Office and get your passport stamped.