SGU has many buses that run daily from 7 am - 2 am, on multiple routes. Some buses are long and some look more like minivans, but all will be labeled with SGU and a letter that corresponds to a specific bus route A - E.

Buses are free to SGU students, SOs, and their children however, students and SOs must have ID to board (kids do not need SO IDs).  If you have never ridden on an SGU bus before, here are a few tips:
  • No pets are allowed on SGU buses.
  • No food or drink is allowed on SGU buses. (Bottled water is okay).
  • No wet clothing is allowed on SGU buses. (If you are coming from a beach, dry off).
  • No luggage or bulk items are allowed on SGU buses. (Contact a cab company).
  • Buses fill up fast so plan to be at your stop early.
  • Please allow other riders to exit before you try to enter.
  • Please be understanding that personal space is tight.  Backpacks and grocery bags share the floor.
  • Additional "flip" seating is located in the aisles: pop the "leg" bar down and open the back of the seat up.
  • If there are no "flip" seats, you can stand in the aisle and hold the hand rails above you to steady yourself.
  • Press the buzzer located above the window or simply knock on the frame to indicate the bus stop you want.
  • Check the door behind you as you exit. Some shut automatically; most require you to pull the handle closed.
  • To enter both SGU campuses, security guards check for SGU ID so remember to bring yours with you.
  • If a bus passes you by without slowing, that means it is entirely full.  A driver will usually honk or wave to acknowledge that he sees you but cannot stop.  Don't fret; there are many other buses that will follow.
  • Buses specifically marked "Off Route" (and the mini-vans) can take you directly to your front door at night. Drivers will watch that you are safely inside before leaving and there is usually a security officer on board.