The University Club is a wonderful perk of being an active (dues-paying) SO! Many SO's go to the pool on Mondays and Thursdays to hang out, eat, and relax!

To get to the University Club, take the Lance aux Pines bus until you reach the University Club--the bus will stop and park in the parking lot!

University Club Pool Rules

Pool hours for SO’s: Monday and Thursday

8am until 4pm (NO EXCEPTIONS!)

  • Active SO’s are welcome to use the pool facilities on the understanding that they must make a purchase from the bar or restaurant on that day.
  • Only food and drink purchased at the Club may be consumed on the premises. *exception - baby food
  • Members are entitled to bring only their direct family to the pool, up to a maximum of 3 children per adult.
  • Children must not use the pool without close adult supervision (No lifeguard on duty). The pool is shallow and diving is not permitted.
  • Glassware must not be taken within 4 feet of the pool; any breakages must be reported to a staff member without delay.
  • All Guest, members & SO’s are required to wear ONLY appropriate swimwear apparel when using the pool. This includes babies and young children.
  • It is mandatory all persons must report to reception, sign in, and receive a guest pass before making their way to the pool or beach. SO’s must also have their SO ID and guest pass with them at all times.
  • No animals of any kind are allowed on the premises (* Although, the beach is public, no animals can be brought through/on the UC property, to get animals to the beach)