There are two places that offer pet grooming services, close to SGU campuses.  Pet Motel & Spa is by True Blue and you can contact Andrea at 1.473.420.1874.  Island Aquariums & Pet Supplies is in the Grand Anse Shopping Centre and their number is 1.473.439.PETS.  Some SOs unofficially groom pets in trade (for example, if they groom your dog, you agree to babysit their children for an afternoon) but SOs change each semester so there may or may not be someone on the island this term who possesses these skills. To find out if an SO may be available, contact the board at


Pet Hotel

If you need to place your pets in another person's care, you can board your pets with Andrea of The Pet Motel & Spa.  With 8 years of experience in the animal care business, Andrea has worked with Humane Society of Greater Miami, Florida, as well as with the SGU Small Animal Hospital in Grenada.  She has an excellent safety record having never had a pet seriously injured, lost, or die in her care and has provided care for dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs, birds, and fish for students and faculty of SGU. She is located in the True Blue area on the same road as the Embassy of the People's Republic of China on Frangipani Dr.  You can contact The Pet Motel & Spa at 1.473.420.1874 or e-mail them at


Pet Sitting

Many SOs leave their animals on the island when they go home for vacation and find a pet sitter to care for their pets while they are away.  If you fall in to this category, check with other SOs who might be staying on the island during the breaks and see if they are available and willing to watch your pets.


Pet Food

As a general rule, plan to bring some of your pet's food with you in your travel case because stores on the island may run out of or not carry your preferred brand.  You can purchase various brands of pet food at the IGA grocery store in SpiceLand Mall, or Island Aquariums & Pet Supplies in the Grand Anse Shopping Centre.  IGA is on SGU bus route A (True Blue - Grand Anse) and Island Aquariums & Pet Supplies is at the end of bus route C (Mont Toute).

Special food for pets with dietary concerns are available at the SGU Small Animal Hospital, however, you must first make an appointment to see a vet there.

One of the perks of being a vet student is that you are privileged to receive dog food at the Grand Anse campus. 

Flea & Tick

Vet Hospital


Grand Anse Shopping Centre