SGU has two campuses in Grenada: True Blue and
Grand Anse.  Currently, most couples housing is in the True Blue location, however, if you are in the Foundations Program, you will find yourself living in Grand Anse. Classes only take place in True Blue, so if your partner prefers the convenience of simply walking to class, request the True Blue location as Grand Anse is not within walking distance. If, however, you prefer to live on campus-area beach front property, then Grand Anse is for you.


Currently, SGU is not able to provide housing for families, only couples.  If you have children, you will have to explore the Off-Campus housing options.


No pets are allowed in SGU residences. If you are bringing your furry or feathered friends to Grenada, you will have to explore the Off-Campus housing options, as well.


Couples housing, on True Blue campus, has a queen-sized bed, two desks, two closets, a small table, microwave, full-sized refrigerator, and two-burner stove, but no oven at all.   Many SOs purchase a toaster oven which makes a home-cooked meal do-able with a little imagination.

The Grand Anse location has a bed, closet, small table, refrigerator, and an electric range top.


On-Campus housing offers cozy living spaces.  Some SOs enjoy the closeness with their partner while others may find that "cozy" isn't their style.  Be prepared for the fact that it is an adjustment to move from a house, or spacious apartment, into a dorm room and, most units are a one-room living space: kitchen and bedroom area combined.


SGU "rent" is all-inclusive.  Electricity, water, internet, storage, washer / dryer usage, housekeeping, maintenance and repair are all covered in the cost of your housing payment.  This is quite a benefit compared to off-campus living, where you will more than likely be responsible to pay one or all of the utility bills.

In addition, most off-campus landlords charge rent for the summer months whether the tenants live there or not. Thus, off-campus residents must plan to pay rent during the breaks, even if they are returning home during that time. However, as an SGU resident, you only owe "rent" for the actual months in which you live on-campus. You do not pay housing costs during the breaks (as long as you are not living there).  That can be a 2 - 4 month savings depending on which term your student is in.


Students and SOs opt to purchase cellphones as they are inexpensive and readily available.  The two main companies here are LIME (formerly BMobile) and Digicel.  Both offer great deals on new phones and packs of minutes at the beginning of each semester.  Sometimes, though, you may have to make a call from outside your unit to get a strong signal.  Texting, however, seems to work without issue. SOs become master text-ers.



Some units have 220 Volt outlets (the British style) and others have a mix of 110 V (American style) and 220 V.  True Blue Married Housing has British 220v 3-prong plugs.  You are able to use 110 appliances, so long as you employ a transformer to support the wattage.  Transformers are heavy and impractical to bring, but they are sold at local hardware stores and re-sold among the student population so you should have no problems acquiring several.  It is recommended that you bring adapters for your dual voltage items, a travel converter for your low wattage items, and plan on buying a transformer ($40-$100 usd) here.  


The frequency here is 50 Hertz.  If you are coming from the US, your gadgets are setup to use 60 Hertz.  The transformer mentioned above will correct the voltage, but not the frequency so any US appliances you bring with you will run "slow."  For some devices this does not matter but for others, such as alarm clocks, it makes a big difference (you will literally lose time).  There is no work-around so bring a battery-powered alarm clock with you, and spare batteries, if you have the space.  If not, you can purchase them in local stores here, at a premium.


Some SOs drink water directly from the tap, others use Britta filters, and others purchase water from the grocery stores.  It's simply a matter of preference. 

During the dry season, you may need to disinfect the water before drinking because the water may be toward the bottom of the supply where bacteria may be located.  Disinfecting water can be done by boiling or by SODIS.


Internet is provided to students at no additional charge, however, SGU employs a fire-wall on True Blue campus so only web browsing and telephony (Skype and MagicJack) are allowed.  Attempting to download torrents, access the Itunes store, stream radio, or play on-line games while on campus will not work. In addition, trying to watch movies or TV will either "time out" immediately, not load at all, or be perpetually "buffering..."

If you feel you cannot make due with the school's restrictions, you can visit a local restaurant establishment offering free Wi-Fi.  For those students and SOs living on True Blue, you can also choose to purchase a designated DSL connection in your dorm room.  This option will allow you to use the internet fully, however, it comes with the cost of $500EC deposit, time delay for setup, and additional monthly payments.

In the Grand Anse location, each dorm room has its own DSL drop and DSL router. At the time of this writing (Spring 2010), you have more flexibility with your internet access, however, the school is expected to firewall and change the configuration in the future.  You can attempt your own wireless if you choose to bring a wireless router with you, however, the University can not assist you with your set up. Instead, you'll have to contact the service provider directly.

While wireless internet is available in SGU lecture halls, it is not available in the True Blue dorms.  Firefly access exists in the small pavilion near married housing on True Blue campus, however, you must have anti-virus on your machine in order to register your computer, in order to connect to the firefly network.  In short...bring an ethernet cable with you, or plan to buy one when you arrive, if you are going to live on either of SGU campuses.


Air Conditioning

Older buildings have remote-controlled air conditioning units or manual thermostats so you can adjust the temperature yourself. However, newer buildings may have a set temperature which is non-adjustable and can get pretty chilly. Though you will be moving to the tropics, bring a few long-sleeved shirts with you.


There is one washer and one dryer in each building of R-U on the True Blue campus. There is no additional cost to use these.  As a general rule, you are requested to use only the facility that corresponds to your building.

In contrast, the Grand Anse location has multiple washers and dryers for their residents to use plus an additional room with a washer and dryer designated for SOs who live off-campus.


SGU provides for a housekeeper to clean your unit twice a week at no additional charge.  Besides a clean room, you will also receive enough free toilet paper for the semester and free light bulbs from your R.A.


Pest Control

Depending on where you call "home," you may have some experience dealing with pests like ants or mosquitoes.  To avoid having ants enjoy your food, make sure that all surfaces are kept clean and free of sugar and items like cereal, cookies, and crackers--ants love these things.  Keep open foods in Ziploc bags or plastic containers.
You will most likely see a salamander or centipede while you are here.  They may look intimidating, but are not cause for worry.  If you are stung, a dose of Cortizone should cure any swelling.

Most SOs carry bug repellent with them as they travel the island, and the local grocery stores sell a variety of sprays and traps that discourage bugs from biting or hanging around. Be sure not to leave water in sinks or buckets in order to dissuade mosquitoes from hovering, breeding, or moving in!

In the event that pests are bugging you, there is an on-line maintenance request form you can fill out and SGU will send an exterminator at no additional charge.



Both True Blue and Grand Anse have security guards at the entrance to their grounds, on-campus security guards, and a roving canine unit that moves between campuses.  In addition, there is an R.A. nearby should an emergency arise. In the case of Grand Anse, the local Royal Grenadian Police station is less than 1/4 mile away.  Though everyone should employ common sense as you go about your activities, security issues on-campus rarely occur.



Every weekday, local vendors set up shop at the old upper bus stop on True Blue campus.  Baked goods, Asian delights, fresh fruit, sandwiches, and a variety of local fare are sold on a first-come, first-serve basis.  On Tuesdays, eggs are sold at the old upper bus stop from 11:30am to 1:00pm.  Sometimes there are craft vendors, other times there are student-run bake sales.  Living on campus will afford you easy access to a new kind of "fast food" or "quick cuisine" experience.

In addition, the Grand Anse location is within a 3 minute walk from the local Grocery store, Mall, Food Court, KFC, and banking area known as Wall Street.



True Blue has Glover's Bistro (pizza and sandwich bar), Glover's coffee house (with Breakfast and Lunch Buffet), The Sugar Shack restaurant, NY Bagels (and pizza), and a convenience store on campus.  If you should tire of on-campus options, you are able to take one of many free SGU buses to various restaurant locations, or in some cases, utilize free shuttle services provided by specific fine dining establishments on the island.  A short walking distance from campus (and across the street from the veterinary school and hospitals), you'll find Options Cafe which are small shacks that sell a variety of food.

Grand Anse campus is within walking distance of several popular local restaurants on the beach, within Spice Land Mall food court, or in the Le Marquis Complex (colloquially known as the "round houses.") You do not need a car to get to any of these locations.



Each "married" building (R-U)  at True Blue has 6 married rooms and 4 singles.  Living on campus is a good way to instantly meet SOs who can share in your island experience and help answer questions you have when you first arrive.



Student parking can be tight but it's free.  There is a student lot at the top of the hill in True Blue and another lot
just behind SD3.  If you are planning on buying a vehicle, be prepared to find that parking may not be close to your residence.

For Grand Anse, there is a small lot near the campus entrance and another close to the Grand Anse security office.



Living on True Blue campus conveniently affords you the opportunity to board and ride any of the free SGU buses.  They will take you to various popular stops: grocery stores, gyms, shops, banks, restaurants, the University Club etc. and return you to True Blue campus. You must have your ID to ride, so be sure to bring it with you.

To travel specifically from Grand Anse to the True Blue location take the Grand Anse/True Blue bus, now labeled Bus A.   Bus A generally runs about every 20 minutes, however, seats fill up so plan to be at the stop a little early.   To travel from Grand Anse to other SGU bus routes, simply return to True Blue campus and take the desired bus from there. 



Each term, SGU conducts a housing lottery to fairly allocate on-campus housing to its many students.  While you may be living on campus this term, that does not guarantee you will live on campus next term.  If you win a spot on campus, it may or may not be the same unit where you currently live.  First term students, and those transferring in from the Global Scholars Program (GSP), who want to live on campus are generally guaranteed housing as long as SGU has something to accommodate your situation.  Any returning student wanting to live on campus must participate in the lottery. Since students with SOs have fewer on-campus options, potentially having to move after your first term in Grenada is a possibility.


If you were lucky enough to be assigned to the same room for the following term, you may be able to store your personal items in your closet.  If you were assigned to a different on-campus location, you must move your items into storage--a designated area where students share the space. Storage is free to all current on-campus students so be prepared to label your belongings. In addition, packing items in Ziplocks or plastic bags is a good idea since humidity is high and the storage location will not be temperature controlled.  Stowing times occur during finals week and "first-come, first-serve" applies.


SGU charges a daily rate in US$ for those residents choosing to remain on-campus during the breaks.  If you intend to stay on the island when school is not in session, check out deals among the local hotels.  Some of them, such as The Siesta, offer rates to students as "extended stay" packages that will be less expensive than rooming at SGU during that time. However, if you prefer to stay on campus, you have that option, just be sure to make arrangements early with your R.A.

Disclaimer: This information is meant as a list of potential considerations in order to assist you in addressing the housing needs of you and your family. Neither St. George's University nor The Significant Others Organization of SGU assume any responsibility for your housing decisions.  While every effort is made to provide accurate contact information, SGU and SOO of SGU cannot be held responsible for any inaccuracies as information is subject to change.