After You Arrive

When you first arrive in Grenada, your student will want to obtain his or her orientation packet.  The school should send you a letter telling you where to pick them up.  During orientation week, there will be trips to various places around the island that you (as an SO) will also want to enjoy. 

There will also be an Orientation Bazaar on campus at the beginning of the term that you won't want to miss.  Local restaurants will be selling samples of their food.  All of the organizations on campus will have tables setup so that you can learn about them and join - including the SOs.  So definitely come to the Bazaar and find the SO booth - we want to meet you! 

If you haven't signed up to be a member before the Bazaar, then you can do so at the Bazaar or can click this link to access the application. 

During your first few days in Grenada, you'll also want to get your SO ID so that you can get onto campus and use the SGU buses.  Click this link to see the details of how to obtain one. 

A Note about Homesickness
As you settle in, you may find that you become a bit homesick.  Know that this is NORMAL!  Like grief, homesickness is a process that is not linear.  It gets better over time, but it's important to connect with other people, stay busy, and not feel like a victim.  Below are some links to information about homesickness and ways to overcome it.

If you continue to struggle with it, the Psychological Services Center on SGU campus offers free counseling sessions for students and SOs.  Drop by or call for an appointment (473-439-2277). 

Where to Get Stuff!
When you are first setting up your place in Grenada, you'll want to check out the following sites for secondhand/used kitchen items, furniture, electronics, children's items, and more.  Students and SOs are constantly selling stuff that they don't need anymore, and it's a great way to get some things much cheaper than in the store:
  • SGU Post - You'll need your student's SGU login information to use the Post.  First, go to  Click "My SGU" and login.  Then click on "Post".  You'll see "For Sale", "Textbooks for Sale", "Vehicles" and more. 
  • SO Marketplace Facebook Page - This is where many SO's sell their items.
  • - Another place where students and SOs post items for sale.  This one can be used be people all over Grenada, so you have a large audience to choose from. 

Other Useful Information
Below are some useful links and information.  Please let us know if you have any questions.  We can be reached at


Cable Television Provider
CableVision - located in St. George's, up the hill from Market Square.  440-0845.  If you live off campus and want to setup cable service, you will need to bring a note from your landlord giving you permission to do so as well as your passport. 

At the beginning of each term, Lime and Digicel will have tents on campus where cell phones and minutes can be purchased.


Computer/Electronics Supplies
The Computer Store - located at the Round Houses (444-3653)

Grocery Stores


Hardware Stores

Medical Travers Insurance from Global Underwriters - recommended by an SO as reasonably priced

Movie Rentals
DVD Universe - located on Wall Street, next to the Computer Store.


Post Office
The SGU bookstore has stamps and can mail letters for you.  The main post office (Burn's Point) is located in St. George's on the main road, just past the shipping docks on the left on the way to the Carenage.  You will need to go here to pick up any large packages or other packages that may contain dutiable items.  You will get a package notification slip in your campus mailbox to let you know when a package has arrived.  You can call prior to going there, to find out how much money you may owe for duty (440-2526). 

School Supplies
Bryden and Minors - located in Spiceland Mall  and on the Carenage (440-2018).