SOO History

The Significant Others Organization was formed in January 1994 as a support group for the families of St. George's University students living in Grenada.  We are a network built of spouses, housemates, friends, family, partners, and pets.  Together we are looking to help each other through the daily grind in search of health and happiness.  We want each day to be easier and more enjoyable than the previous one.

As an organization, we plan many activities to keep all interested members active and productive.  We understand that everyone has different schedules with classes, kids, family and beach time.  Our organization works to provide regular weekly activities, special events, and trips to various locations around the island in order to give our members the opportunity to become acquainted with all the great things Grenada has to offer.

We are a truly unique organization because we are not governed by students. Rather we are comprised of the individuals and families whose main role is to be the support system behind many students and faculty of SGU.

On behalf of your Significant Others Board Members, we'd like to welcome each of our new members joining us on the island as well as those who are returning.  We hope everyone is as excited and hopeful for this new term as each one of your SO Board Members.  We are here to listen, help, and provide.  Please check your e-mail , SO's of SGU Facebook page, and this website for updates, news, and events.  For those members who are new arrivals feel free to contact us at any time with your questions, concerns, or need for directions. 

Best Wishes,

The Significant Others Organization Executive Board