Welcome to Grenada

Welcome to the Significant Others Organization of St. George's University. This is an informational site for prospective and current SO's of students, staff, or faculty at SGU in Grenada, West Indies. We would like to extend a warm welcome to all those who will be joining us! We look forward to meeting you and providing the support you need through this time of transition.


Meet fellow SO's, ask questions, and find out more about our organization by browsing our website and joining our Facebook Group: SO's of SGU

The SOO wants to help you prepare for your move to Grenada by pairing you up with your very own Footsteps Buddy! Your Footsteps Buddy is a current SO who is matched to you based upon interests, background, and family size. We facilitate the exchange of contact information and you have a go-to person for your questions about moving to Grenada.

To join our Footsteps Buddy program please fill out the Rookie Footsteps buddy form:

Rookie Footsteps Buddy Form