Sooner Pony Club Activities

Sooner Pony Club meets three times each month: Business Meeting, Unmounted Meeting and Mounted Meeting. In the Unmounted Meeting, Pony Clubbers learn about horse management and safety. In the Mounted Meeting, Pony Clubbers enjoy practicing their riding and horse care skills.

As Sooner Pony Club members advance in riding skills and knowledge, they have the opportunity to "rate-up," or take a Ratings test to move to a higher USPC division. Prep Clinics are held by the region to prepare C3 and above candidates.

Rallies are team competitions that include Show Jumping, Dressage, Combined Training.

Quiz is a fun way for Pony Clubbers to demonstrate their knowledge in all aspects of horse management, such as safety, veterinary care, tack, trailering and horse care.

National Competions of Regional teams are held at the Kentucky Horse Park every three years in conjunction with Festival. Festival is a camp organized by the USPC which provides mounted and unmounted instruction and activities for USPC members over 10 years old through adults.

Sooner Pony Club events


About USPC

The Three R's

  • Reading

  • Riding

  • Responsibility

The United States Pony Club (USPC) was founded in 1954. Patterned after the British Pony Club, the USPC created a way for kids to get good, sound, experienced training in horsemanship without regard to economic status, or breed of horse used. Youth through age 21 are eligible.

One misconception about Pony Club is that "Pony" in the name refers to the size of the horse used. But, that isn't the case. Equines of all sizes - 17 hand Thoroughbred to Shetland ponies are used. The "Pony" in Pony Club came from the British use of the word where a pony is any mount used by children.

The USPC focus on education, riding, knowledge, horsemanship, and responsibility. Pony Club builds a solid foundation of horsemanship skills that the members use throughout their lifetimes. Also, the USPC emphasizes safety, with stringent rules requiring the use of ASTM/SEI - certified helmets (which the Pony Club was instrumental in developing and implementing), conventional heeled boots, proper attire. Each member starts out at the lowest level, progressing as knowledge and skill increase.

All Pony Club members advance through a series of skill levels.

Beginning with D level, which has three steps, Clubbers learn basic care, horsemanship, and are introduced to English riding. They must demonstrate a basic knowledge of horses, safety, tack and riding. It is also important, in fact required, that Pony Clubbers wear proper attire including helmets and boots. They must also work together with other club members as a team.

At the C level, which also has three steps, Pony Clubbers gain more independence, control, confidence in all phases of riding.

B level Clubbers have gained enough knowledge and experience to teach younger members.

At the H-A and A levels, dedicated Pony Clubbers are focusing on all aspects of horse management, teaching and training. The A level members have reached the top. Many continue in professional equine careers. Some Clubbers go on to achieve greatness in the Olympics and in other equestrian circles.

During mounted meetings members must follow USPC guidelines which include: proper preparation of the mount, grooming, tack safety and cleanliness, pre-ride safety checks by upper level members or group leader. Children are instructed in riding technique, control, safety and problems are addressed.

At Quiz Rallies, which are question and answer events to test the knowledge Clubbers have about horsemanship, members work as a team; presenting tack room set up, stall setup, and verbal knowledge. Safety is a focus of many questions as well as terminology and technique. Pony Club is committed to education, an important part of every meeting. Parents cannot help their children during any form of competition or preparation for it. Clubbers will be penalized if parents interfere. Clubbers like this!


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  • Mounted Meeting postponed The Mounted Meeting scheduled for this weekend has been postponed because the Cadence Show has been rescheduled to this weekend do to rain. 
    Posted Jun 7, 2012, 9:15 AM by Alcott PTA Store Norman, OK
  • Unmounted Meeting rescheduled The unmounted meeting originally scheduled for this evening has been rescheduled for Thursday May 17. It will still be at Gralla Farm at 6:30 pm.   
    Posted May 10, 2012, 8:10 AM by Alcott PTA Store Norman, OK
  • Mounted Meeting (Sunday, May 6th) May Mounted Meeting is Sunday, May 6th, from 1-5pm at Takeoff Farm in Purcell (1559 E. Maple Rd, Purcell). Please RSVP to Jen and let her know if you ...
    Posted May 4, 2012, 2:07 PM by Alcott PTA Store Norman, OK
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