A Customer Service Comparison

Wedding Tuxedo Rental

The competition: Men’s Wearhouse vs. “I Do” Bridal and Tux 

Men’s Wearhouse

“I Do” Bridal and Tux

Standing in line 30 minutes to get a catalog to take home, only to be told they don’t have those and that I should just look at the website. NEXT!

Served immediately, loads of personal attention and interest, help with catalog selections and lots of material to take home to look at further.

Next visit to get sized, after a 30+ minute wait in line. Measurements taken, then scolded because I hadn’t picked a style yet. Didn’t know measurements couldn’t be applied to my account without a specific style in place.

Glad to receive my measurements and those of my groomsmen at any time.

Built tux online, called to find out pricing and if I could try it on in the store. CSR could find no information on pricing, told me to call the store with any questions. Also learned that any stated pricing already includes automatic $30 discount applicable only for joining “Perfect Fit” program, thus making the June $40 off promotion worth only $10 off the prices they expect customers to pay anyway.

Very helpful staff gave detailed pricing information and matched the buy 5 get 1 free offer from Men’s Wearhouse. Pricing similar to MW but without the required loyalty program membership.

I live two hours away from the store I must use for the tuxes. Would not be able to be in the area for another two weeks, which is only three weeks from the wedding. Called to try to place style information, very curtly told that they would not do this over the phone and that I must come in to the store. Was told I would miscommunicate on the phone. Explained my situation and the timing but it didn’t matter. “This is the way we do it.”

Very friendly staff happy to take my order over the phone.

Asked if I could ever see the tux style in person or try it on before the pick up date. (Since I’m only going to be in town once before the wedding.) No options except to look at the picture of it online.

Staff ordered a try-on tux in my style and measurements with multiple vest/tie options to try. Will even give me a glass of champagne when I come in for the try-on during the weekend I’m in town.

Treated like a huge bother to their whole business.

Treated with utmost kindness and personal attention through entire process.