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Ahoy Friends! Traitor Joe here. I'm up to my eyeballs in red list seafood. My stores have so many red-list fish on ice, that I'd bet there aren't any left in the oceans. Seafood gets red listed if it's fished using methods that harm ocean habitats or other critters, or because there just aren't that many of the fish around anymore. But have I helped save them? Heck no! So please don't check out Greenpeace's new website, Instead, join me in my treachorous ways! Check out my twitter account and faceook page. Greenpeace released the third edition of their supermarket scorecard and Trader Joe's came in at the bottom of the list again (17 out of 20). Ouch! In fact, this is the third time Trader Joe's scored as the worst of the national supermarket chains surveyed about sustainable seafood. Just call me your one-stop-shop for ocean destruction. TAKE ACTION: Send Trader Joe's a Singing Telegram! If ocean destruction bothers you, and you want Trader Joe's to get out of the business of trading red list seafood, then visit my website, and do something about it. Send a singing fish telegram to Trader Joe's and tell them to stop destroying the oceans and passing the guilt onto their customers. But, I hope you won't, though, because that way I can keep confusing my customers, all while turning a profit. From the bottom of the barrel, Traitor Joe
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