The highest education is that which does not merely give us information but makes our life in harmony with all existence -- Rabindranath Tagore

Mathematics: Teachers or Researchers ?

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The Government of India is trying hard to promote higher studies particularly in Mathematics in the country but to our surprise it appears that qualitatively the Mathematical output has declined for over the years. Increase can be seen however in number of research papers published. Whether pure or applied, the quality of research is diminishing quite rapidly with respect to the availability of funding.  What is the reason behind this downfall ? Is it this that we do not have talented people in Mathematics, or is it a question of not having enough exposure in specialized fields in Mathematics ? or is it this that we do not want to work at all ? 

As they say "Teachers are the builders of the Nations"; certainly it is lack of availability of good Mathematics--teachers in INDIA as for as the specialized subjects are concerned. The students-teacher relation has become worst in the modern scenario and this will surely lead to disaster to our higher education system. To the best of my knowledge, we have some premier research institutes in INDIA for pursuing research in Mathematical Sciences. But even these institutes are suffering. On asking, the people from these institutes  argue that now a days technology oriented research is in lime light that has caused a decline in the pure Mathematical thinking. I think in one or the other way technology gives us an opportunity to test  our Mathematical thinking for its development. In all it is the development of Science, and Mathematics is just a part. 

Though sometimes harder, our Euclidean three dimensional space is the best place which inherits examples and utility of all Mathematics developed so for. If one can prove a new theorem, one should emphasize then after on its utilization, might be anywhere in Science! The latter part is missing now a days from the current Mathematical research. This has affected the Mathematical journey of the new comers and hence intimately the teaching and vice-versa! Remember "Good Teaching results in quality and useful research and the good research will lead to great thinking (hence teaching)". 

Throughout my Mathematical career, I never found a person who could simultaneously be called as a "good teacher" and a "good researcher" in the above senses! We really need to reform our thoughts and accept this truth that we require to prove ourselves as great Teachers  in order to upgrade the Mathematical standards in our country. We must make teaching as our first priority and then after research, the former will surely guide latter! 

'Let us produce good students in Mathematics rather than producing a large number of useless research papers!!'