Barcelona is truly one of the crossroads of humanity.  Although I grew up there I still find it to be one of the most fascinating cities in all of Europe. 

With over one and a half million inhabitants, Barcelona is a bit of a tight squeeze at times!  More people come from every country every day.  Our Spanish beaches get more sun than any others in all of Europe, so we regularly get planeloads of tourists from all over the European Union who show up in shorts in what we consider the cold part of the year!

The architecture and design of Barcelona are renowned the world over.  I often hear tourists say they plan to come to Barcelona for two or three days and I tell them that they will need two or three weeks or more to see the city.

The people of Barcelona welcome tourists, and we always appreciate it when people can speak Spanish.  Although English instruction is becoming much more widespread than when I was a girl, it still can be quite difficult at times to find an English speaker in Barcelona.

If you are planning a trip to Barcelona or any Spanish-speaking part of the world, I can help you learn enough Spanish to enjoy yourself quickly. 

Contact me. My email is  We can talk about prices (very reasonable!) and scheduling (very flexible!). 

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