I was born and grew up in the Barrio Gótico of Barcelona, Spain.  Mi Barrio is still a very alive place, a crossroads of native Catalans, African and South American immigrants, and expatriots from every country.

When I was still quite young I started working as a nurse at La Clínica del Pilar.  I worked there for ten years until I decided to follow my dream and started my own business.

I started my own spa in downtown Barcelona and ran it for nine years.  Barcelona is an expensive city, and to make ends meet I started teaching in 1993.

In 2004 I moved to the United States with my American husband, Tim, and our son, Daniel.  We moved to New Orleans.  I started giving Spanish classes then and found that it made me love my native Spanish even more.  New Orleans was a beautiful city, but we had to leave when Hurricane Katrina came! 

We evacuated to Philadelphia, and after a couple of years there decided to settle in Washington, DC.  I had visited here many years before, just after the Barcelona Olympics, and I had always felt very attracted to the city.

I've lived and worked in DC since 2007, and love to call this place my home.  I was able to teach Spanish to Diplomats at the State Department for three years; it was an incredible experience.  I still get back to Barcelona several times a year-- I can't get it out of my blood, and never will.

I have found teaching adults how to speak my language to be one of the most rewarding experiences.  It really is amazing to see people who speak little or no Spanish learn how to speak and use the language well.

Contact me. My email is sontida@gmail.com.  We can talk about prices (very reasonable!) and scheduling (very flexible!). 

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