Learn Spanish in DC, Maryland, or Virginia
A personable way to learn Spanish in Washington, DC from a native Spanish speaker from Barcelona, Spain

Hi.  My name is SòniaI am from Barcelona, Spain.  Now I live in Washington, DC, where I worked at the State Department for three years teaching Spanish to Diplomats.  I have been teaching Spanish at all levels since I came to the United States in 2004.

Flexible.  Not everyone learns the same way.  I adapt my teaching style to how you learn.  I can concentrate on grammar, conversation, writing, or find a combination that works for you. 

Real Spanish for Real Professionals.  My students are college students, business people, and health care workers.  I currently give classes at law offices and personal homes, on-line and on-site.  I was a nurse for ten years in Barcelona, and I can teach you Spanish for Health Care.  I also owned my own business in Barcelona for nine years, and I can teach you Business Spanish.

Comprehensible Spanish.  My Students always comment on how clear and easy to understand my Spanish is.  I won't mumble at you!  I know from personal experience that gaining comprehension can be challenging.  But I make that process fun.  And when it comes time for you to hear "the real thing", I'll make sure you're ready!

You'll have everything you need.  Materials are included.  I teach 60 or 75 minute classes, or I can adapt to your schedule.  I can do group classes for your office, you and your partner, your relatives.  You can learn together and have fun at the same time.

Contact me. My email is sontida@gmail.com.  We can talk about prices (very reasonable!) and scheduling (very flexible!).