Reading APPrenticeship

It is important for students of all levels and subjects to be able to read a text and pull out the most important information from these texts. The problem is most texts students use are their textbooks, and these cannot be annotated in. Below are tools you can use to use a fully editable digital textbook and any online article you may find in pdf. 

DocHub is an app which can be added to your Google Drive to open up your  digital textbook in pdf formati. DocHub will alow your students to draw, insert images, stamp for understanding, underline, leave notes, and highlight all over the pdf. This is a very powerful tool to ensure your textbook is utilized correctly.

Newsela is a service that allows you to bring up subject specific articles and change its complexity based on student reading level. A free version is available for educators using their school issued email address. The articles can be annotated on the Newsela site or you can download the pdf, open it up with Google Docs and annotate in google Docs.

Great add-ons for Google Docs:
Highlight Tool
SAS writing reviser

Great tips in Google Docs for teachers:
Leave comment in real time
Encourage students to draw examples of what they read using the insert drawing option.
Insert images from outside sources to back up their thoughts.
Create hyperlinked Cornell Notes    

Create Mind Maps and visual posters with Google Draw