Hacking the Apps

Hacking the apps is a session in which we turn the use of particular apps on its head and make them bend to our will. We will open you up to possibilities these apps offer that even their creators didn't think of. 

Hacking the Apps

Conference Hacks

- Hotel with Free Breakfast and Refrigerator/Microwave

Hacking YouTube

Hacking Chrome Browser

Favorite Extensions:  https://www.one-tab.com/page/8fJCrgYSRuOVN6TUB_xhhw

Flipgrid → Let me give you an Upgrade :) JOEMARQUEZ

@Flipgrid #FlipgridFever


  • Convert to Google Doc

    • Highlight Add-on

    • Word-Cloud Addon

    • Instant Outline

    • Add Question/Summaries at any point

  • Convert to Formative



-Create your own expedition

-Inception Model

  • With differentiation

-Team Teaching at a distance with YouTubeLive (USE EVENTS OPTION) and Nearpod

Formative: Promocode sonsoftech



  • Annotations

  • Embedding Artifacts from outside sources

Quizizz HackSmashing

-With Google Form Template found here

- Step by step video

-Zip Quiz app

Hacking Remind

Desmos - Not Just for Math…

  • 3 Tier question model

Hacking Social Media

-Todays Meet


  • Invite Back Channel Moderator



Hacking Google Search

  • By Color

  • By Image

Hacking Google

  • Google Slides

    • Image Shapes

    • Slide Shape

    • Slide Project Templates: Magazines

    • Study Tool With ForceField

  • Google Draw

    • Image Layering with png

  • Google forms with MyMaps

    • The Yearlong project Idea