Google Is Suite!

Technology is not meant to replace the task, technology is meant to reinvent the task! 

So many people claim Google is just a light version of Microsoft's products. They say that Google does not have all the features and that there are too many thing Google cant do. I say Google IS Suite and I plan to show you how to answer the question "Google Can't Do What?".

Here is a SMALL list of topics we will take a look at today:

Chrome is a crucial part of Google
Extension: Google keep, share to Classroom and Add To Classroom
Google Cast For Education:
- Teacher Needs Google Cast for Education App
- Student needs Google Cast extension
- Enable Media router on chrome (for now only)
and instructions for setup or no cast device found problems
YouTube for state of the classroom
Add-ons, SAS writing revisor Joe Zoo, highlight tool
Student hyperdoc portfolios
Class MEME creation using Google Draw
Class created study tool using google slides
Historic Time Magazine created in Google Slides
Choose your own Ed-Venture projects using:
-Google Slide
-Google Forms
Google Sites Student Portfolios (New and Old)
-Reading APPrenticeship
DocHub textbook annotations
NewsELA PDF to docs for annotations
Auto copy trick
Google Draw
New forms auto correct... flubaroo?
NGram ViewerSymbaloo