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Lawlessness has become commonplace in the wake of devastating build wars through out the Galaxy. Shifting political allegiances and marauding pirates have made independent space travel a dangerous enterprise. Daily accounts of thefts, assassinations and murders are posted on every spaceportHolonet. Our Galaxy is one of danger, risk and reward. Out of these troubling times the Sons of Tatoo have been born.

The Sons of Tatoo (SoT) is an underground organization specializing in the 'discreet' transportation of goods, slaving, contraband, weapons and rare goods. Comprised of those on the fringe of proper society, SoT employs a plethora of contacts to get the job done. From Mercs to Scoundrels, Smugglers to Security specialists, SoT has the tools needed to avoid any political entanglements.


Born on the dunes of Tatooine, Heek jikjawa was destined to trade. Raised into the prolific trading Ayafa, Jikjawa, Heek emerged as a natural. After an incident that became known as the Judland Ambush, Heek left his clan and set out to the stars to rebuild his small trading empire, leaving his friends and family behind.

Answering the call of the Hutt Cartel, Heek bartered his way aboard a cruiser and began his journey. After his learning all he could with the Cartel, Heek moved on to join the Aurodium Legion to further his experience. Hauling materials and building constructs was fine for awhile... but the Jawa inside of Heek could not be
contained, and he opened a small, little, unknown shop called 'Jikjawa Trader's Emporium.' 

The little shop soon grew to a respectable market place, and Heek's reputation as an honest yet shrewd negotiator began to proceed him. Trading in droids and vehicles, Heek joined up with independent arms dealer, Dulgan Swift, and a fellow trader, Vasar Xanthe. The three worked as a collective and began plans on a Trade Cooperative located in and around Trax.

Then tragedy struck. Vasar Xanthe found himself picnicking on the surface of a sun in Moorja, before his death, he had managed to transfer all of his holdings into the employ of Heek Jikjawa.This was a bittersweet time for Heek. while blessed with a slew of properties and facilities, he had lost a very good friend in Vasar. Then without notice only five days later, before he even had a chance to fullycome to terms and grieve his loss, his office manager Barak ran into his office and informed him of a mass transfer of assets into his account, all from Dulgan Swift. As if almost on cue, a blinking blue light showed up on his transceiver. It was from Swifty himself notifying Heek that he had decided to end his life by heading into the sun.

After much soul searching, and with his new found wealth, Heek decided to carry on. 

Through his work with the Legion, Heek made a strong friendship with a fellow Tatooinian, Cryspin Nailo. It might have been because of their fondness for their home planet, or just a common respect for one another based on trust, but the pair, both Sons of Tatoo, joined together to form a new chapter in the Galaxy.
 As SoT's  dominance over the trade lanes continued to strengthen, Jikjawa decided to expanded his enterprise once again, this time by aggressively negotiating the purchase of the floundering weapons manufacturing company BlasTech Industries. Appointing intergalactic adventurer Jax Starblade as the head of operations for BTI, the company experienced an amazing turn around and quickly established itself as a hot spot of weapons for the Galaxy's sentients.

The Sons of Tatoo (SoT) offers many services all of which can be found on the navigation bar on the left. Please feel free to visit us on our irc channel #JikjawaTraders