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The Sons and Daughters of Hawley, Inc. is an historical society. Founded in 1900 and incorporated in 1981, it is a 501 (c) 3  non-profit organization.

The purpose of this organization is to stimulate interest in preserving the historical buildings and sites of Hawley, to educate people about the history of Hawley, to stimulate social interaction and provide a common meeting place for meetings and functions sponsored by the Sons and Daughters of Hawley, to preserve and display mementos and documents of historical value in Hawley and to raise funds in support of the above activities of the society.

Our goals are to preserve the history of Hawley, MA which was founded in 1792. We also aim to gather information about Hawley and to educate others about the history of Hawley.  Hawley is a small community of about 300 people in a very rural setting in the hills of western Massachusetts.  The town is somewhat divided by the topography of the area.

The 1846 Meetinghouse and the Hawley Grove are located in the center of Hawley, MA at the intersection of East Hawley Road, Buckland Road and Plainfield Road.

You can contact us at the address on the graphic above, by email to kthwingjr@gmail.com or
jsears7@gmail.com, or by phone to Kirby Thwing at 413-339-0124

For the year 2016-2017
Our President is Lark Thwing--kthwingjr@gmail.com
Our  Vice-President is John Sears-
Our Treasurer is Serra Root-robertroot@hughes.net
Our Secretary is Pam Shrimpton-pam@forgehollow.com 


Juanita Clark, Hawley-‘17 Homemaker/Volunteer

Will Cosby, Hawley-'17 Hawley Resident

Suzy Groden, Hawley-'18 Retired Educator, Translator and Editor

Alice Parker Pyle-'18                              Musician, Composer, Choral Leader, etc.

Bob Root, Hawley-'19 Retired Jack-of-all-Trades

Beth Thwing, Hawley-‘19 Children's Author