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        Welcome to a new school year! Here are just a few reminders and healthful hints from your school nurse:
         If your child has a chronic health condition/medical diagnosis, it is important for you to notify the school nurse, so that proper measures can be taken to ensure your child's safety and well-being.  If your child has asthma, seizure disorder, diabetes, or life-threatening allergies, there are specific forms that need to be completed.  These forms help establish a plan of care for your child at school.  They are available in the school health office, or the links below. 
           If your child is taking medication (prescription and non-prescription) that needs to be administered during school hours, or has medication that is to be used as needed (i.e. Epi-Pen, inhalers), please refer to the medication tab at the left hand side of the screen for specific instructions/details regarding this process.  It is important to note that all medications, prescription and non-prescription, must be brought to the health office by the parent/guardian.  Students may NOT bring medications to school in their backpacks or lunch boxes.  Cough drops are considered an over-the-counter medication, and as such, require signed permission from parents/guardians, and cannot be kept by the student.

Important forms for 2018-2019 School Year 

Seizure Action Plan

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