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Welcome to Our Neighborhood
The Sonoma Lake Homeowner's Association was formed in April of 2006. There are 4 Phases. 
  • Phases I, III, & IV are members of Sonoma Lake HOA. These 3 Phases consist of 240 lots. 
  • Phase II is Sonoma Gardens and is a separately operated garden home community. 
  • Phase IV is the gated section of Sonoma Lake and consists of approximately 30 homes.
Located South of 15th Street and East of Pennsylvania, Sonoma Lake is a friendly community in the Edmond area.

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The community is a proud part of Edmond Public Schools. Children attend:   
Other schools available to Sonoma Lake residents (within 10 miles):

Oklahoma City Utilities & Services
Sonoma Lake is served by Oklahoma City utilities but has an Edmond postal address.
Get the Latest Information
Sonoma Lake residents and property owners who want to be kept informed about upcoming events, Board actions, pool access, homeowner dues, and more can sign up for OUR NEIGHBORHOOD NEWS via email. Just complete the form that opens through this  Sonoma Lake HOA email formWe promise not to spam you or share your email address. You also can check back here on the News & Information page for details related to our neighborhood.
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Regular Neighborhood Events
We hold many community events that you can learn about here on the website or via our HOA email. (See the Calendar for specific dates.) Some of these events include:
Our residents also hold regular events, including:
  • Second Tuesday Ladies-night-out  monthly Bunco. All ladies welcome. Email contact for more information.
  • Oklahoma Vintage Radio Collectors (OKVRC) monthly meeting on the second Saturday of each month except for April and October. Check out their website for more information.
OKC Mandatory Water Conservation
Read the information posted about it by the city.

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Help Keep Our Neighborhood Great
Please . . . remember to pick up after your pet when he or she uses your neighbor's lawn or any of the common areas. Pet waste left unattended is hazardous and violates city ordinances. The Board, your wallet, and your neighbors appreciate your cooperation.