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Learning Groups

Have you been yearning for some reading that deepens your approach to life? Or have tried to wade through some metaphysical writings and gotten bogged down? Maybe you are just feeling drawn toward spiritual community. These are all good reasons to join one of the upcoming Learning Groups.  Together members of the Groups work through wisdom teachings gleaning the pearls that are offered but sometimes missed with a cursory reading. Each Group centers around a specific book. 

In a guided setting:
  • read and discuss the text
  • relate all the material presented to your own life
  • work one-on-one with peers and the teacher/guide to further your understanding

Now enrolling:

The Practice of Presence Learning Group

 First meeting: May 22. 

Get to know yourself on adeeper level. This four month immersion program will guide you in an investigation of your own inherent presence. According to Bryon Brown, "presence in you is the direct, immediate experience of your own existence. It is knowing--with certainty and not indirectly through memory or deduction--that I am here. . .it is an experience of the soul beyond thinking, feeling or sensing. It is direct knowing through being. . .it is so simple, so basic, and yet so unfamiliar because you were not taught to recognize or value this way of knowing."  

In the group we will be reading H.A. Almaas's book, The Unfolding Now, and working experientially with peer inquiry. We will discuss the book and learn our inquiry technique at the group meetings which are May 22, June 26, July 31 and September 11. Additionally, you will schedule a weekly meeting for practice and going deeper on your spiritual journey. You will also have access to three private somatic inquiry sessions with me during the four month journey.

Cost, all inclusive: $285

Here is what Lauren had to say after completing the group:

This group introduced a brand new way of meeting myself and experiencing life. It was an invitation to slow down and really witness myself for the first time in real time. As someone very attached to my over-active mind, once I came to trust this process, especially in the supportive company of a partner, I finally discovered what it means to have a dedicated, intentional break from my mind’s activity. Also, I never could have imagined the benefits of private sessions with Gaya. I have always felt so safe to be honest and to be me—and that, right there, points to the immediate and expanding benefits of these sessions. Gaya helps guide me into myself to discover what’s already there—to discover what is really me, light and dark. I am so grateful to Gaya for creating a space I can absolutely trust and for supporting such mysterious and incredible expansion every time we meet.

Contact me for more info or sign up:

I currently conduct Learning Groups on four topics:

The Practice of Presence (using the book The Unfolding Now)

Taming the Inner Shrew (using the book Soul without Shame)

The Eating Inquiry

The Nature of Self (using the book The Unteethered Soul)

Once established, the groups work together over a period of four or five months with my guidance. Activities, all geared toward deepening our awareness of the topic, include group workshops, solo and shared inquiry, private sessions, reading and guided meditations. Below I have listed upcoming Groups that are open to registration.What previous participants had to say about the transformation they experienced in other learning groups:

Monica: There has been a shift in not looking to the external as much, being more in touch with what I am feeling, what I am experiencing…I notice the inner chatter, but I am more able to be myself even when it’s there.

Maryvonne: I wasted so many years waiting for someone to come along and change my world. Using the skills that were taught, I now practice being present and aware in my daily experience, which puts me in touch with my own reality. I no longer feel my life is on hold, I'm living it!

 Molly: it’s been really helpful in two specific ways. Having an inquiry partner has shown me that I am not alone in being propelled in these directions. And also I have become better able to understand certain situations and not just react to them. Now I can look at them and see them and not become lost in what might happen.

Shanti: This has helped me notice the inner voices, the committees. The work is taking me deeper to places that I have wanted to be exposed, and giving me courage to face my biggest fears. It is scary to be aware of my humanness…but it is a good thing. I am learning to love and accept myself.

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