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About Gaya

Gayatri Shelton-Ostadi (AKA Gaya) is devoted to the transformational processes of yoga and is a certified Yoga Teacher (E-500RYT) & Yoga Therapist. She has extensive experience in post-modern dance and a creative spark nurtured through her studies in art (she holds a Masters of Fine Art from UC Davis). She has engaged with several wisdom schools on her personal journey in this lifetime, most notably the Diamond Heart Approach (which blends sufism, buddhism and western psychology) and Ananda Seva Guru Kula (a modern yoga school based on the teachings of P R Sarkar).

"As I become more in touch with myself, including my physical sensations, my feelings and my thoughts, I feel my connection to the expanded field of the universe. As I get bigger, my roots sink deeper and my heart opens more fully, I trust life more and feel a growing connection to Mother Earth (the other Gaia!). I am drawn to share this loveliness, this aliveness with others."