Why Yoga?

It's a modern world and yoga is steeped in a set of ancient practices; why in the world would be so in love with these antiquated perspectives? Well, there is a lot in the modern world that we find hard to cope with. In short, we are overly stimulated by modern technologies and overwhelmed by our to-do lists. Most of us need a little more "me" time and yoga provides that. Yoga helps us to connect with our bodies, helps us to tune in to our sensations and to know our current needs. It helps us to get flexible, strong and to find our balance. And more, yoga helps us to calm our minds and make a connection to the subtle realm of spirit.

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Shifting Sands

Dear Yogis...and Yogis-to-be, for reasons related to the Santa Rosa fire, I have moved my household to Folsom, California. I will be teaching in Sonoma County through the end of April and then coming back now and then to give afternoon workshops at my friend's studio, Yoga of Health. My first workshop if scheduled for May 20.
Meanwhile I have begun to connect with a new yoga community with my first class in Folsom on Mondays. 
I am still playing with Atmanna, creating Sacred Sound Journeys. Feel free to write or call me with an questions about my whereabouts or how to continue your practice.---Namaste, Gaya



May 20-sold out
Oct 7

Yoga Camp Sonoma: Summer Solstice 2018
June 21-22