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Chapter summary

    Chapter One: Vince finaly got a date with a really hot girl. Since its his first time his buddy Alex made a check list so nothing goes wrong and he get garunteed action. But something did go wrong Tommy needed to borrow vinces car because his ride Benny was late and Tommy really needed to do this job. So when tommy does return he give vince the keys and lets him go on his way. But tommy forgot one thing he left Jimmy the rat in Vinces trunk. But vince doenst know that when he is going to pick his date Angela O'bannon. Vince takes her on the date and everything is going great until they arive on the final spot of their date. Angela is insiting vince gets the blanket out the trunk so they can lay on the beach and not get sand on them. But when vince goes to his trunk to get his blanket he relizes why tommy needed the car in the first place. When vince sees this he is stunned and doesnt know what to do. Angela getting impatiant comes to get the blanket and see jimy bloddy wrapped up in the blanket and starts screaming.
    Chapter Two: We flashback to when vince was a kid. Vince is trying to figure out why his dad doesnt leave early in the morning like all the other kids dads. his mother tells his that his father is in  the vending machine buisness. vince starts finding out that his dad really isnt in the vending machine buisness from strange events that happen. Tommy hints it once or twice by saying dad is all mobbed up but vinces mother always says he is in the vending machine buisness. he didnt relize tommy wasnt liening untill one day he pened up his cracker jack box at lunch and found a box full of uncut dimonds. As vince thinks about his child hood we go back to another memory he has. One night vince woke up in the middle of the night to get a drink of water and heard yelling coming from his parents room. when he opened the door to see what was going on he sees the room is covered in plastice and his uncle is lying on the bed covered in blood. later on when vince asked his parents about that insident his mother told his his uncle carmine was having a kidney stone.
    Chapter Three: Vince and Alex join the football team at the high school. the purpose of this was to try and get some more girls to like them. But when vince finally gets to play in a game he finds out he is actually good. until he relizes the line backer from the other team knows his fater and his family. in fact the linebacker had invited vinces family to his birthday party the week befor. a couple more plays go by and vinces notices that he should have been tackled a couple times but when he turns to run the other team is nowhere to be found. Vince thinks that the other team thinks if they hit vince they will have to deal with his uncle pampers. so vince ends up quiting the football team. As he walks to the locker rooom to get undressed he gets followed by a report. Kendra Blightly is the reporter for the schools newspaper. She attacks him with questions on why he quit but when vince becomes a brick wall and doesnt answer any of the questions the two start to get into an argument.