lunes/martes, 19/20 de octubre, 2015, espanol 1



-- Mindful Breathing (students will be able to practice mindful sitting, listening and breathing with anchors)

-- Diario #18: Choc Quib Town, “De donde vengo yo” (students will be able to identify cognates and words they know)

-- Slide Show (students will be able to correctly pronounce words as they relate to a slide show of images)

-- Diario #19: TENER (students will be introduced to the verb conjugation for tener -- to have and practice)

-- Go over Diary Entries #1-19, 95 points. Turn in on Wednesday or Thursday.

-- Key and Peele: Substitute Teacher

TAREA: Study for the ORAL TEST.  

6 words, 10 points per word (0 no answer, 5 correct word but incorrect pronunciation, 10 correct word and correct pronunciation). 

1) Numbers, 2) Estar, 3) Colores, 4) Classroom Objects, 5) Emotions, 6) Greetings and Farewells

EXTRA CREDIT: Record yourself reading 30 words.


-- With listening, bronze bell

DIARIO #18: Choc Quib Town, "De donde vengo yo"

-- Cognates, Words you know.


-- Vocab, pronunciation practice with photos


 TENER                                                          ESTAR

-- To have                                                     -- To be

Yo: Tengo                                                      Yo: estoy

Tú: Tienes                                                     Tú: estás

Él/Ella/Usted: Tiene                                  Él/Ella/Usted: está

Nosotras/Nosotros: Tenemos                  Nosotras/Nosotros: estamos

Ellos/Ellas/Ustedes: Tienen                     Ellos/Ellas/Ustedes: están


I have 6 books.                                              I am happy.

You have 10 backpacks.                                You are sad.

She has 2 tables.                                            She is worried and tired.

We (girls) have 15 pens.                               We (boys) are stressed out and bored.

They (boys) have red notebooks.                 They (girls) are irritated.

He has 3 pink desks.                                      You all (boys) are very nervous.

Do you have the black pen?                          Are you (informal) ready? (to a girl)

Yes, I have the black pen.                             Yes, I am ready (girl)

Does she have the white book?                    Are you (informal) sure? (to a boy)

Yes, she has the white book.                        Yes, I am sure (boy).

Do they (girls) have the grey backpack?      Where is the yellow calculator?

Yes, they have the grey backpack.               I have the yellow calculator.