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Hi. All i spent so many hours at work, i almost get sacked because i shouldn't do that kind of stuff i have done. But i have to say it was worth to try.

My Goal was to get OTG MODE AND CHARGING AT THE SAME TIME, after i try all different possibilities from some posts on XDA DEVELOPERS FORUM finally i found solution (...) 

My docking station will work with any 2012 maybe 2011 SONY XPERIA DEVICES with OTG SUPPORT. I have tested this so far on my XPERIA S and working perfect. I tested SAMSUNG GALAXY SIII but unfortunately - NOT WORKING AT ALL . I try THC SENSATION XE same thing - nothing happend. So i mad 3 "docking devices" for testing purpose. Last one seems to be BUGS FREE ;)

  1. 1st one was made just for fun, the i found it very useful
  2. 2nd one was much better looking same time so ugly but working well except i had some power issues while charging but got it solved
  3. 3rd one is my current one and so far everything working perfect ( fingers crossed )

My dock station evolution :

1st STAGE :


2nd STAGE :




The key to my success was just simple resistor . I used resistor to short pin 4 (ID) and 5 (GND) to get OTG MODE and CHARGING at the same time, if i well remember i used simple Y cable. 

But i try something else later on i just connected PIN 4 on my microUSB ( going to phone ) to PIN 4 on my miniUSB ( going to HUB ) using straight wire but in the middle of the wire i put 100k-ohm resistor, so i actually didn't short PIN 4 and PIN 5 , must be shorten in the HUB , check the diagram to see how is done, make your own modifications and send me some feedback. I used extra red LED just have something else on the dock. 

I try good few different resistors but exactly 100k enable OTG MODE AND CHARGING at the same time ;) i had 103k , 98k and wasn't working at all - no charging, no OTG. If i well remember on 117k battery icon change to charging icon but there was no LED on on the phone and phone actually was discharging.

Here is the diagram ( optional you can use LED to indicate that DOCK IS CONNECTED TO POWER SUPPLY )

This is my first video i made on my 2nd STAGE DOCKING STATION ( with power supply issues ) nothing really special you can skip it to next final video.

YouTube Video

This is my last video enjoy:

YouTube Video

here you can find my thread on XDA DEV FORUM :

UPDATE 22/08/2012

Diagram updated 22/08/2012 due to little problems with OTG MODE when there is not power supply around. Also in my dock station i used permanent power supply connected to my dock, i will have to change it, i think better idea is when on the dock - as a power inlet we have FEMALE USB then on yours power supply side MALE USB, when you want to use DOCK without power supply you should disconnect power lead and hit your switch to CLOSE POSITION, to avoid RESISTOR in the circuit. Also thanks to XDA USER GEMINIU for spot the wrong marking on the diagram ( DATA + and DATA - ) 

UPDATE 23/08/2012

Changed dock station design regarding to last update above.

New female USB on the right hand side for AC charger or any source of power

On the left hand side switch to by pass resistor for OTG MODE on without power supply