Welcome to the Song Mountain Ski Patrol Web Site!

Song Mountain Ski Patrol  is an all volunteer organization. Song Mountain Ski Patrol is a member of the National Ski Patrol (NSP).  We are governed by the National Ski Patrol and the NSP  Eastern division. We are the men and women in the Red Coats with the white crosses.

Our missions is to help provide a safe and fun ski environment for all skiers and snow boarders.
We are always available to help or assist with any question or emergency. Feel free to talk to any of us at any time. We are a friendly bunch and always willing to stop if we are skiing by.  If we don't know the answer we have access to ski slope management to assist in getting you the answer. Each one of us carries a radio so that we can
quickly communicate to other patrollers all over the hill and management in the office. 
Please always obey all trail signs, trail markers and Patroller instructions. If we are providing instruction or information it is for your own safety or the safety of other skiers on the hill. Also be aware of 
warning poles or other obstruction markers.  These may be marking limited snow coverage, environmental hazardous, or other man-made or natural hazards.  
Please become familiar with the Responsibility Code.
It is your legal obligation to know and follow the Responsibility Code.

Ski Patrol Members have constructed a new Patrol building at the top of the Triple Chair lift.
The building
overlooks the triple chair lift, double chair lift,  and Sentimental Journey.

The building has finally been fully enclosed but still needs a sign on the front of the building to identify it as belonging to Ski Patrol. The building also allows us to store the ski patrol equipment and provides convenient locations for the rescue transport toboggans. Having toboggans at the top of the hill allows us to respond quickly to any emergency. This new building now has heat so that we have a warm place to stay at the top of the hill.This reduces our response time to any accident or injury because we don't have to wait for the lift. 

If you would like to learn more about Ski Patrol take a look at this video from channel 9 WSYR in Syracuse.  It is about a Song Ski Patrol family that has three generations of patrollers on the Song Ski Patrol.

As a volunteer organization we have a very limited budget.  We are always willing to accept donations.

Things to Donate:
  •  Time - We always have work to do and can always use people willing to help out.  Some skills that are helpful.  Construction, cleaning, repair, upkeep, general labor
    • Join - Another way you can volunteer your time is to join us on Ski Patrol.  Besides getting to do some great skiing you also get medical and ski training. We are always looking for new Ski Patrol members. Contact any Ski Patroller, or visit the Ski Patrol building at the bottom of the double chairlift to inquire about the requirements and benefits of becoming a member of Song Mountain Ski Patrol.  
  • Medical Supplies or Medical Equipment - We regularly use medical supplies in attending to emergencies and training for emergencies. If you or your organization has extra new or nearly new medical supplies or equipment please contact us or stop by the Ski Patrol building  to see if we have a need for the supplies.   Here are some useful equipment - old splints or supports you no longer need from your former injury, oxygen bottles, medical training equipment (such as CPR trainers, cravats, etc).
  • Money - As a volunteer organization we can always use monetary donations to help in the purchase of needed equipment.    

If you wish to donate something please let us know via the contact from or visit us in the Ski Patrol building near the bottom of the Double Chair Lift. 

Presently there are no pictures of the new building at the top of the triple chairlift or the main Ski Patrol building but we are working on getting some posted soon. You can also check out video's of the buildings progress. The videos page shows some of the training that a Ski Patroller  receives.

Thank you for visiting the Song Mountain Ski Patrol's web page and please always ski and ride safely and in control.


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