Replicas, The

Baz Cooper vocals, piano
Perye Shone guitar, vocals
Bainbridge Parcel bass, vocals
Bradene Blaney keyboards, vocals
Devion Gower drums

The Replicas are headliners at Fuse (formerly The Nashville Rooms) when the Dust Bunnies support them for one of their first gigs. They rehearse at EAR.
Quite a big band, by all accounts:

Chapter 15
Scrooch never achieved Dust Bunnies or Replicas status. Perhaps that’s just as well; the big time would never have suited them the way it suited their peers.

Chapter 17
The first time the Dust Bunnies played Fuse must have been one of their earliest live appearances. They were supporting the Replicas; at that time a far bigger act. The Bunnies had been rehearsing over at Ear for a couple of weekends when they bumped into the headline act in the corridor one morning. The Replicas’ frontman, Baz Cooper, was a scary individual even when wearing mascara – or perhaps especially then. He had some demonic electricity about him, and that and the band’s stage persona didn’t endear them to many punters or other acts. Baz certainly alarmed the Bunnies, who’d just finished rehearsing for the day and were on their way to pay for their time at the front desk. He waylaid them in the corridor with the rest of the Replicas shoulder-to-shoulder around him and said with his customary leer, “Hello, boys! You in a band?”

They also appear on the Imprimatur bill.

Chapter 60
The Whingebuckets kicked things off, warming up the crowd for Motorvator and the Replicas.